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As noted on the home page the Ngauranga to Airport Governance Group is a partnership between Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Transport Agency and other local agencies to jointly identify, plan and deliver significant and integrated improvements across the Wellington transport system in the corridor between the Wellington Urban Motorway and Wellington International Airport.

The Governance Group, which is tasked with guiding and directing the next steps the group will take to address current and future transport issues at the Basin and its connections, is mandated by a Memorandum of Understanding that was signed in 2014 between Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Transport Agency.  Combined, this demonstrates our deep commitment to collaboration and cooperation in identifying opportunities to improve Wellington’s transport systems.

The establishment of the governance group was agreed to by a Wellington Regional Transport Committee(external link) resolution  to accelerate planning and design work on the linked projects outlined in the Ngauranga to Airport Corridor Plan.  The Wellington City Council representatives to this group were identified at the Council’s Transport and Urban Development Committee(external link).

The Governance Group has highlighted the need to have community input and support for any potential solutions that are developed now that the Basin Bridge project has been abandoned.

Everyone agrees that a solution is needed at the Basin Reserve that allows people to get to their destination as quickly as possible in their preferred way.  This means finding a way for public transport, private motorists, walkers and cyclists to move freely through the pinch point.

This is a complex situation and a solution will not be found overnight.  However, we are committed to improving travel at Wellington’s Basin Reserve and its connections.  The solution needs to work for users of all types of transport and the starting point is working with the community to identify criteria to assess potential solutions.  If you have any thoughts on what these criteria should be, or any potential solutions, please send them to us by mail or email.  As well as being guided by a Governance Group, solutions at the Basin and its connections will be informed by Wellingtonians as they need to meet agreed transport and urban design outcomes.

In the meantime, we are looking at how we can improve the current traffic flow at the Basin while a more permanent solution is investigated.

Further information will be added over time as it is created or produced but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.  We’ll tell you as much as we can to keep you in the know.

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