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  • Te Ara Tupua

    Te Ara Tupua is the project to create a walking and cycling link and improve transport resilience between Wellington and Lower Hutt. It will deliver a safe, connected and resilient route, enabling more people to walk or bike, and connect with local paths in both Wellington and the Hutt Valley.

  • Wellington Network Operational Readiness

    Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is making changes to the existing state highway network and providing people with important information about using the wider transport network to help support safe and efficient journeys to and from Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui (Wellington).

  • Wellington network speed consultation

    Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency sought public input into proposals to set permanent new speed limits for State Highway 1 and State Highway 59, and local link roads connected to Transmission Gully. Based on the feedback received during consultation, new speed limits are now in operation.

  • Wellington Northern Corridor

    The Wellington Northern Corridor improvements will provide safe, efficient and reliable travel that communities and businesses can rely on to grow and prosper.

  • Wellington Northern Corridor improvements

    When a new expressway opens, the old state highway needs to be converted into a local road – removing the state highway status. This process is known as ‘revocation’ and passes the ownership and maintenance of the road to the relevant local authority. In this case, Kāpiti Coast District Council.

  • Wellington Transport Alliance

    The Wellington Transport Alliance (WTA) maintains and operates the state highway network and assets in the Greater Wellington region. WTA connect the Wellington region so you can get where you’re going safely and reliably.