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Project introduction

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is replacing the Old Māngere Bridge with a new and improved bridge that will reflect what made the existing bridge a much-loved and long-standing community asset, while creating an iconic new landmark for the area.

  • Estimated project cost

    $38 million
  • Project type

    Bridge replacement
  • Project status


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The replacement bridge will ensure the important connection between communities is maintained as well as create an appealing public space, making events and travel in the area more accessible and enjoyable.

The bridge’s layout has been designed to promote safe and accessible use by a variety of users, including pedestrians, cyclists, recreational users and people fishing. By maximising the views from the bridge, the connection to the wider harbour area and surrounding landscape will be enhanced.

The replacement bridge will also improve access to the Manukau Harbour and Māngere Inlet for waka, small boats, kayaks and canoes, as it will have higher clearance underneath. The bridge will be constructed next to the old bridge using the same abutments – but further away from the port. 

About the project

The Old Māngere Bridge is over 100 years old. Due to its deteriorating condition, it was closed to the public in November 2018 and will be demolished as part of the construction phase for this project.

Read more about the history of Old Māngere Bridge

The Transport Agency engaged with mana whenua, communities, businesses and Local Government partners between 2012 and 2015 to find out what people loved about the bridge, how they use it, and what they wanted for the new one. The valuable community feedback has helped us shape the design and layout of the new bridge. 

Key features

Some of the key features of the bridge have been refined, as a result of community feedback and include:

  • shared space with a gentle slope to provide access for everyone
  • a wide deck, acknowledging the many users of this public space – pedestrians, cyclists, those fishing and those who would like to sit and enjoy the view
  • two dedicated fishing bays with rod holders
  • a mixture of deck surface materials including timber at the entry and exit points, sandblasted concrete for seating areas and fishing bays and anti-slip resin for the rest of the deck
  • lots of places to sit with different bench styles to suit families, small groups and individual visitors
  • deck and pier lights to increase visibility and extend the hours of safe use
  • safe and environmentally conscious handrails that include a lip and barrier at the railing base to stop rubbish falling into the harbour
  • increased clearance underneath and space between piers for waka, canoes, boats and small watercrafts to pass below
  • art and design features which focus on the specific social, cultural and heritage values of the surrounding communities and area. The works created by two local New Zealand artists (Sunnah Thompson and Matthew Von Sturmer) and in conjunction with mana whenua who developed the narrative for the artworks will be incorporated into the bridge structure and broader area.

Old Māngere Bridge replacement project key features

Māngere Bridge cross section and key features


Information brochure

Bridging communities: A greater connection between Māngere Bridge and Onehunga is coming – August 2019 brochure [PDF, 635 KB] for more information on the replacement bridge.

Project timeline


Safety strengthening works to the Old Māngere Bridge. Regular monitoring inspections by the NZ Transport Agency’s Auckland Motorway Alliance (AMA) in its role as a bridge consultant.


Design and community consultation for the replacement Old Māngere Bridge.


Due to a noticeable visual change in its condition, a full tactile principal inspection was carried out in December 2015, which catalogued the main defects on the structure.


Consents lodged with Auckland Council for the replacement Old Māngere Bridge.


Council hearing and appeals process for the replacement Old Māngere Bridge.
In January, a further assessment indicated that the outer part of the structure is deficient and a large load in these areas could place it under enough pressure to pose a risk to public safety.


Consents granted from Auckland Council for the replacement Old Māngere Bridge.
In June, a fence was installed on either side of the central walkway to prevent loading to the edges of the bridge where crowd load would pose a risk to public safety. This enabled the bridge to remain open and the structure has undergone both weekly walk overs and monthly water inspections, in addition to real-time monitoring to assess the bridge condition.


Improvements to the underpass, next to the Manukau Harbour Crossing motorway structure, to enhance the alternative route until the new bridge is built.
26 November, closure of the Old Māngere Bridge.


Construction of the replacement bridge begins


Construction of the replacement bridge is complete

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