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The Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) provides a full description of the Project, the alternatives considered in developing the Project, a summary of potential environmental effects taken from the Assessment Reports and an analysis of the Project against relevant policy documents.

The important relevant information from the Assessment Reports is incorporated into the Project’s AEE.

0 Executive summary PDF [PDF, 3.9 MB]
Full report Assessment of Environmental Effects* PDF [PDF, 18 MB]
Contents Contents page PDF [PDF, 141 KB]
1 Introduction PDF [PDF, 890 KB]
2 Justification for the Project PDF [PDF, 468 KB]
3 Statutory and policy context PDF [PDF, 258 KB]
4 Existing environment PDF [PDF, 7.3 MB]
5 Project description PDF [PDF, 906 KB]
6 Construction of the Project PDF [PDF, 1.5 MB]
7 Alternatives PDF [PDF, 936 KB]
8 Consultation and communication PDF [PDF, 154 KB]
9 Overview of actual and potential effects PDF [PDF, 749 KB]
10 Construction water management PDF [PDF, 951 KB]
11 Freshwater ecology PDF [PDF, 167 KB]
12 Marine ecology PDF [PDF, 140 KB]
13 Construction traffic PDF [PDF, 166 KB]
14 Terrestrial ecology* PDF [PDF, 227 KB]
15 Construction noise PDF [PDF, 153 KB]
16 Heritage PDF [PDF, 415 KB]
17 Vibration PDF [PDF, 465 KB]
18 Air PDF [PDF, 216 KB]
19 Hydrogeology PDF [PDF, 723 KB]
20 Contaminated land PDF [PDF, 129 KB]
21 Operational water management PDF [PDF, 903 KB]
22 Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 158 KB]
23 Operational traffic and transport PDF [PDF, 140 KB]
24 Operational noise PDF [PDF, 135 KB]
25 Cultural PDF [PDF, 205 KB]
26 Social PDF [PDF, 374 KB]
27 Planning assessment PDF [PDF, 236 KB]
28 Proposed mitigation PDF [PDF, 132 KB]
29 Statutory assessment PDF [PDF, 201 KB]
Appendix A Gazette noise PDF [PDF, 470 KB]
Appendix B Acronyms, terms and definitions PDF [PDF, 159 KB]
Appendix C Letter from M Copeland PDF [PDF, 743 KB]
Appendix D Natural stream management area analysis ata Carran Road / Woodcocks Road PDF [PDF, 1008 KB]
Appendix E Stakeholder list PDF [PDF, 108 KB]
Appendix F Social assessment PDF [PDF, 427 KB]
Appendix G Relevant objectives and policies PDF [PDF, 353 KB]