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The assessment reports describe and assess the potential effects of the Project and identify recommended mitigation measures to avoid, remedy or mitigate the potential adverse effects of the Project on the environment. The reports also summarise the key technical information and assumptions on which the assessments are based, and cross reference each other where appropriate.

When reading the assessment reports we encourage you to read the summary boxes at the start of each section. The summary boxes provide a snapshot of what is included in that section and, read in succession, provide an overview of the assessment.

The assessment reports are to be read in conjunction with the associated drawings.

Air quality PDF [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Construction noise PDF [PDF, 1.1 MB]
Construction traffic PDF [PDF, 3.1 MB]
Construction water PDF [PDF, 7.1 MB]
Freshwater ecology PDF [PDF, 2.3 MB]
Heritage - main report PDF [PDF, 9.1 MB]
Heritage - appendices part 1 PDF [PDF, 3.8 MB]
Heritage - appendices part 2 PDF [PDF, 5.4 MB]
Hydrogeology PDF [PDF, 3.1 MB]
Marine ecology PDF [PDF, 9.4 MB]
Terrestrial ecology* PDF [PDF, 3 MB]
Vibration PDF [PDF, 1 MB]
Cultural effects PDF [PDF, 2.6 MB]
Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 4.3 MB]
Operational noise PDF [PDF, 2.6 MB]
Operational water PDF [PDF, 8.4 MB]
Transportation and traffic PDF [PDF, 8 MB]

* Sections of the Terrestrial ecology report were redacted at the request of the Department of Conservation.