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In this section you can find out more about what the route will look like, information on where construction works will be undertaken and details of the land required for the project.

Drawings should be read in conjunction with the associated Assessment Reports.

Drawing seriesTitleDownload
G General PDF [PDF, 1.2 MB]
R Road alignment - full series PDF [PDF, 43 MB]
R001 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 57 KB]
R100-105 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 9 MB]
R106-110 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 7.2 MB]
R111-115 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 5.5 MB]
R120-126 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 8.1 MB]
R131-136 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 6.5 MB]
R140-144 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 2.3 MB]
R147-154 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 2.5 MB]
R201-202 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 1.2 MB]
R211-218 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 611 KB]
R221-228 Road alignment PDF [PDF, 284 KB]
S Structures - full series PDF [PDF, 2.9 MB]
C Construction activities - full series PDF [PDF, 28 MB]
C001 Construction activities PDF [PDF, 51 KB]
C100-104 Construction activities PDF [PDF, 8.6 MB]
C105-109 Construction activities PDF [PDF, 8.5 MB]
C110-114 Construction activities PDF [PDF, 7.4 MB]
C115-117 Construction activities PDF [PDF, 3.6 MB]
CN Construction noise - full series PDF [PDF, 24 MB]
CN001 Construction noise PDF [PDF, 50 KB]
CN100-105 Construction noise PDF [PDF, 9.2 MB]
CN106-111 Construction noise PDF [PDF, 8.5 MB]
CN112-117 Construction noise PDF [PDF, 6.7 MB]
CT Construction traffic - full series PDF [PDF, 3.1 MB]
ES Construction water - full series PDF [PDF, 58 MB]
ES001 Construction water PDF [PDF, 64 KB]
ES010-015 Construction water PDF [PDF, 9.1 MB]
ES016-020 Construction water PDF [PDF, 7.8 MB]
ES021-025 Construction water PDF [PDF, 5.9 MB]
ES051-052 Construction water PDF [PDF, 1 MB]
ES071-072 Construction water PDF [PDF, 430 KB]
ES081 Construction water PDF [PDF, 45 KB]
ES091-095 Construction water PDF [PDF, 1.3 MB]
ES100-103 Construction water PDF [PDF, 7.6 MB]
ES104-107 Construction water PDF [PDF, 9.5 MB]
ES108-111 Construction water PDF [PDF, 6.9 MB]
ES112-117 Construction water PDF [PDF, 9.1 MB]
ES151-155 Construction water PDF [PDF, 244 KB]
FE101 Freshwater ecology PDF [PDF, 1.6 MB]
LV Landscape and visual - full series PDF [PDF, 44 MB]
LV001-101 Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 3.2 MB]
LV201-202 and 205-206 Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 8.2 MB]
LV209-210 and 213-214 Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 8.3 MB]
LV217-219 Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 5.9 MB]
LV222-223 and 226-227 Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 8.2 MB]
LV230-231 and 234-235 Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 7.3 MB]
LV238-239 Landscape and visual PDF [PDF, 3.6 MB]
ON Operational noise - full series PDF [PDF, 34 MB]
ON001 Operational noise PDF [PDF, 48 KB]
ON100-104 Operational noise PDF [PDF, 7.7 MB]
ON105-108 Operational noise PDF [PDF, 4.6 MB]
ON301-305 Operational noise PDF [PDF, 6.1 MB]
ON307-311 Operational noise PDF [PDF, 6 MB]
ON331-335 Operational noise PDF [PDF, 9.2 MB]
ON401 Operational noise PDF [PDF, 2.6 MB]
SW Operational water - full series PDF [PDF, 32 MB]
SW001 Operational water PDF [PDF, 55 KB]
SW100-104 Operational water PDF [PDF, 9.3 MB]
SW105-109 Operational water PDF [PDF, 8.4 MB]
SW110-113 Operational water PDF [PDF, 7.1 MB]
SW114-115 Operational water PDF [PDF, 3.8 MB]
SW150-151 Operational water PDF [PDF, 1.2 MB]
SW200, 300, 400 and 500 Operational water PDF [PDF, 2.6 MB]