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SH1 Ellerslie Acoustic Barrier

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Project introduction

The NZ Transport Agency is currently developing a business case to investigate and install noise barriers on urban motorways in areas of elevated residential noise exposure. This work has identified a number of locations in Auckland, and includes areas adjacent to the Southern Motorway in Ellerslie.

  • Estimated project cost

    $6 million
  • Project type

    Road improvements
  • Project status


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The Ellerslie Acoustic Barrier project has commenced construction on funded sections A1, A2 and A3 (detailed in the alignment plan below). The installation of the panels is currently underway and we aim to complete the project by the end of May 2018.

Sections A4 and B1 have not yet received funding and the Transport Agency is working through funding and other approval processes for these locations and an update is due in mid-2018.

The installation of these noise barriers should significantly reduce the disturbance caused to residents by traffic noise from the motorway.




Panel types and treatments

The route alignment, height, material and position of the barriers has been designed based on the acoustic and urban design principles to maximise the effectiveness of the solution. These principles take into account road safety, acoustic effectiveness, urban design and cost, among other considerations. As such, while installation of a noise barrier is part of the Transport Agency’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility the design will be technically based.

Typical cross sections

A1 – Typical cross section

A1 - Typical cross sectionView larger image [PDF, 197 KB]

A2 – Typical cross section

A2 - Typical cross sectionView larger image [PDF, 197 KB]

A3 – Typical cross section

A3 - Typical cross sectionView larger image [PDF, 197 KB]