Mangamuka Gorge slip repairs flyover – December 2023

Check out the progress made on the slip repairs on State Highway 1 through Mangamuka Gorge. This was filmed between shifts in December 2023. We're now working on 13 of the 15 critical slips. You can see the transformation across the site since our previous flyover, with piling nearing completion on several of the slips. The commentary for this flight is provided by Kylie Harris from CLL Service and Solutions, the principal project contractor.

Mangamuka Gorge slip repairs flyover – August 2023

Check out the August 2023 flyover of the Mangamuka Gorge repairs. Since the June flyover, there has been significant progress on the enabling works, including piling, rock spall walls, stormwater and drainage improvements, and the start of permanent works on 6 of the 15 critical slip sites.

Progress update – June 2023

Here’s a look at the progress wokers are making on SH1 Mangamuka Gorge.

By the end of June 2023, drilling rigs weighing up to 60 tonnes will be brought in to begin permanent slip repairs. That’s why we’ve been carrying out enabling work to ensure the road is strong and sable enough to support such heavy equipment.

Timeline confirmed to restore resilience along SH1 in the Mangamuka Gorge

We now have a construction programme confirmed for repairs to 15 slips along SH1 Mangamuka Gorge and the road will be open and fully operational by May 2024*. 

Since $100M funding was approved in December last year, we’ve mobilised the people and resources needed and have completed detailed design work to confirm how the slips will be fixed.

Given the importance of this road to the local community, we’re investigating opportunities to provide limited access to light vehicles over the summer holiday period to connect whānau, road users, and communities on either side of the gorge

Our video below gives an idea of the constrained environment we are working within.

*This video was made in March 2023, and since then, recent weather events have caused additional slips within the site area. This has added complications to existing slip sites and subsequently created delays to the programme. We’ve reassessed our programme, and the previously communicated timeframe of re-opening the road in May 2024 has now become unrealistic. We are now expecting the road to be operational in late 2024.