Project introduction

The NZ Transport Agency and Porirua City Council are making changes to the Paremata roundabout to balance traffic flows for all road users.

  • Estimated project dates

    Apr 2019–Jul 2019
  • Project type

    Road improvements
  • Project status


The problem

In the afternoon peak along SH1 uninterrupted right turners from the southern approach of Paremata roundabout cause significant delays for traffic exiting Paremata train station, as well as traffic travelling south on SH1.

The creation of 72 more carparks at Paremata train station Park & Ride will only increase the pressure on this intersection.

There are some safety and operational concerns caused by traffic blocking the roundabout and vehicles attempting to squeeze into gaps in traffic.

The solution

A metered traffic light on the southern approach to the roundabout is being introduced. This is similar to a traffic light, but it only has red and amber lights. The activation and duration of the red light will be determined by the length of queues going in any particular direction.

From Monday 1 July, the light will stagger the entry of northbound traffic into the roundabout and create smoother flow for other users, particularly south bound traffic and people exiting the station.

Watch the video below to learn how the metered lights work.

How will I be affected?

At the moment southbound traffic and traffic exiting the train station experience significant delays during peak periods. Installing a metered light is intended to provide a better balance for roundabout users. For southbound vehicles and vehicles exiting the train station, the light will create more gaps in traffic, allowing easier and safer access into the roundabout. While northbound traffic may experience some minor delays, it will create a safer and less congested roundabout and significant time savings for other users.

We do still need to ensure traffic is flowing well, so once it is operational, we’ll be constantly monitoring the flow into the roundabout to see how well the light is working. If queues get too long in any one direction, we can immediately adjust the timing on the light, or even turn it off if needed.

It’s important to remember that even when the light is operating, give way rules will still apply for all users at the roundabout.

Things to know

  1. As you approach the roundabout heading north, be prepared to stop at the lights.
  2. The light is just red and amber.
  3. Only stop on the red light.
  4. When the light is off, you may proceed to the roundabout, where the give way rule still applies.
  5. Even when the light is operating, give way rules will still apply for all users at the roundabout.

What you need to do at the metered traffic light

Traffic light example

Standard giveway rules apply entering the roundabout

Give way sign

There is only a metered light for northbound traffic. All other traffic can approach the roundabout as normal, following the give way rules.

View the official New Zealand road code on giving way at roundabouts(external link)

SH1 Paremata roundabout map

Changes to the roundabout

  • New road markings.
  • New advanced warning signs.
  • New metered lights for northbound traffic, approximately 100m back from the roundabout.
  • New cameras and radars to monitor traffic at the roundabout.
  • 72 more carparks at Paremata Train Station Park and Ride.
  • In-road queue detectors for southbound, northbound, and train station traffic.


We are planning to start construction before Easter and aim to have the metered lights operational from Monday, 1 July. Greater Wellington Regional Council will also be constructing the additional car parks at Paremata Train Station during this timeframe.

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