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Project introduction

Looking at ways to reduce congestion and improve access and safety on State Highway 2 at the Melling & Block Road intersections - and consider how this links to the flood management and urban design development being investigated by the Greater Wellington Regional Council and Hutt City Council.

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    Road improvements
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Project updates

Study area of the SH2 Melling investigation
Project maps, (PDF)

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State Highway 2 is the main commuter and freight route linking Wellington, the Hutt Valley and the Wairarapa, and also beyond to Hawke’s Bay. It is a busy and strategically important highway that serves as a one of two critical routes in and out of the Wellington Region, and is the only route between the capital and the Wairarapa.

State Highway 2 through Melling has conflicting state highway and local road traffic movements, is over-capacity and in a high speed environment. During peak periods and in the weekend, State Highway 2 at Melling experiences congestion with vehicle queues often exceeding storage capacity. With the presence of traffic signals in a 100 km/h environment there is also a safety and crash risk, particularly for stationary vehicles queued to turn right onto Melling Bridge from State Highway 2.

Key features

The three partner organisations (NZ Transport Agency, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Hutt City Council) are looking at a coordinated programme of work, called RiverLink, that aims to support:

  • Transport infrastructure improvements.
  • Urban design and development – such as reconfigured streets, paths, tracks and open spaces.
  • Public Transport integration - improving Melling station configuration and access.
  • Flood plain protection – including raised stop banks and wider river channels.


We’re aiming for:

  • an integrated, resilient, safe and efficient transport network
  • a connected and secure floodplain
  • a more liveable vibrant Hutt City and enhanced economic growth.

Expected transport benefits, following improvements to the SH2 Melling and Block Road intersections, include: 

  • reduced congestion and better traffic flows
  • more consistent journey times
  • improved access and safety on State Highway 2 at the two key intersection areas
  • better connections between Western Hills suburbs and Hutt central business district
  • suitable access to and from local roads.

What’s happening and next steps

We're investigating a range of options to improve the overall resilience, safety, reliability and efficiency of State Highway 2 at Melling and Block intersections, and look at how improvements could be integrated with Melling Bridge, Greater Wellington Regional Council's Flood Improvements project, the Melling Railway Station, and connectivity issues within Hutt City Council's roading network at Rutherford and High Streets.

People will be asked for their feedback on some aspects of the Greater Wellington Regional Council's plans for the riverside, such as landscaping and access design. The riverside designs are based on earlier consultation with the community. Sharing these designs at the open days is an opportunity to confirm that they reflect what the community expects.

Once a recommended option has been identified, we'll still need to get the necessary approvals, including funding and consents, before constructing any improvements.

Collaborative approach

We’re working with Greater Wellington Regional Council on improving the Hutt River's ability to withstand severe flooding that could affect homes, businesses and Hutt City's Central Business District. To do this, Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), Hutt City Council (HCC) and the NZ Transport Agency are jointly considering what improvements could be made to the Hutt River between Kennedy Good and Ewen Bridges to allow the River to cope with a one in 440-year flood.

Riverlink’s goal is to build flood protection infrastructure along the Hutt River that reflects the community's decision made through the Hutt River Floodplain Management Plan in 2001. Previous work has helped to bring us closer to this level of flood protection, but more is required if we are to meet the expectations agreed in the 2001 Plan.

We also need to understand what flood protection work will mean for other projects being considered in this area of the river, including HCC's plans for a Riverside Promenade as part of their urban development project and our Melling Intersection Improvements.

This is why we’ve set up a joint working group to coordinate investigations and ensure any future investment is properly integrated. We working collaboratively to achieve our respective objectives and to meet the needs of local residents, businesses, commuters, road users and visitors in and through the Hutt Valley region.

More information

You can check out the Councils’ websites for more information about their proposals: