Project introduction

We’re preparing a business case to identify ways we can improve the resilience and safety of State Highway 2 through the Waioeka Gorge.

  • Estimated project dates

    Jun 2021–Dec 2021
  • Project type

    Study and investigation
  • Project status


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About the project

State Highway 2 through the Waioeka Gorge is the main route between Gisborne and Ōpōtiki. However, due to its geology, topography and climate conditions, it’s vulnerable to slips and rockfalls which can result in lengthy road closures. The business case we’re putting together will make recommendations for how best to address the highest-risk sites through the Waioeka Gorge. We’re working alongside mana whenua, Gisborne District Council, and key road users such as heavy haulage industries and emergency services to develop the business case.

Key features

The project is following Waka Kotahi’s ‘Single Stage’ Business Case process which is ultimately about guiding our planning, investment and project development. It also provides the evidence needed for making change. This process includes identifying the problems and objectives, narrowing a long list of options down to a short list, and presenting a recommended package of works.

Project timeline

The Business Case will be submitted to the Delegations Committee for the National Land Transport Programme by December 2021. This committee will decide on if, when and how much funding is allocated for delivery.