Frequently asked questions

These are historic FAQs from the construction phase of the site.

Will the extension help to ease Auckland's congestion?

The extension of the Southwestern Motorway (SH20) through Mt Roskill, and later through Avondale, will help to ease congestion on Auckland motorways by providing motorists with alternative routes north and south to SH1. The SH20 Mt Roskill Extension is one of several projects currently underway to develop the Western Ring Route. This will join the Southern Motorway (SH1), the Southwestern Motorway (SH20) and the Northwestern Motorway (SH16).

How will it affect motorists?

Once completed, the extension will provide an extra four kilometres of motorway through Mt Roskill. Residential traffic and through traffic will be separated by the new extension, resulting in less congestion on local roads and creating a safer roading environment. During construction there may be some delays, and Transit encourages motorists to take alternate routes where possible.

Will the extension support public transport?

The SH20 Mt Roskill Extension will have provision for future bus lanes and rail line.

Will there be cycle lanes?

Cycle lanes and cycle/pedestrian motorway overbridges are included in the project. Bridges will be installed at Keith Hay Park and Ernie Pinches St.

Will you be planting trees?

Yes. Landscaping and planting are integral parts of the project. Around 3,400 trees will be planted, many of them native, as well as approximately 260,000 shrubs.

What are you doing to reduce construction noise?

Contractors are required to satisfy strict noise standards and must modify their work methods to reduce construction noise. Residents and businesses in the area will be notified of work in the area.

Will the money come out of my rates?

No. Funding for this type of project comes from Central Government.

What measures are being taken to reduce the impact that the work has on the environment?

Various measures to reduce the impact on the environment will be in place including landscaping, stormwater, urban design and visual features.