SH3/SH37 Waitomo Intersection

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Project Introduction

Work on a roundabout to improve safety in the Waitomo district will start in January 2015. The intersection of SH3/37 – the turnoff to the Waitomo Caves – will be replaced with a three-legged roundabout, relocated about 60 metres north of the existing intersection.

  • Estimated project dates

    Jan 2015–May 2015
  • Estimated project cost

    $0 - $5M
  • Project type

    Road maintenance
  • Project status



The NZ Transport Agency says the construction of a roundabout will improve safety at the intersection which has been the site of several serious crashes, including two fatal ones in 2012.


The intersection is the gateway to the world-famous Waitomo Caves and 1300 vehicles a day use SH37 to and from the Caves. The roundabout will be a safer entry and exit to and from SH37 for tourists and locals.

A roundabout is viewed as a forgiving form of intersection that encourages travellers to slow when approaching. It is also easier for road users to navigate smoothly through and find their turn off.

Project features

  • A temporary speed reduction of 70km/h has been in place since September 2012

  • The NZ Transport Agency worked with the Waitomo District Council, police and other road safety partners to identify opportunities for improvements at this intersection

  • About 6500 vehicles per day pass the turnoff on SH3, 1300 a day use SH37 and 450 vehicles a day use Mangarino Road.

What we are building

A three-legged roundabout, see Option 4 graphic on this page. SH37 will be realigned to improve its link to the new SH3 intersection, and there will be a right-turn bay introduced on SH3 for Mangarino Road.