Upcoming closures 

There are currently no planned closures for the SH58 safety improvements project. The project is between the SH1 Transmission Gully interchange and the SH2 Haywards interchange. 

Closures may be planned in future to help progress the project. If so, this page will be updated, and we’ll inform the community using Waka Kotahi social media and advertising in local media.

Why are road closures used?

We are working hard to improve the safety of SH58. This includes adding median and side barriers and new roundabouts, but also means rebuilding the road surface.

Closing the road means we can get a lot more work done in a shorter space of time, compared with working under stop-go traffic management, over multiple nights and weekends.

Closing the road is also much safer for our people working on site, without the danger posed by traffic moving past while people work.

Closure completed 28 April – 30 April 2023

From 8pm on Friday 28 April, SH58 was closed for a full weekend of road works. Good weather meant that the closure was able to go ahead without the need to use our planned postponement dates.

Over the weekend project contractors, Downer NZ, and the Wellington Transport Alliance (responsible for State Highway maintenance) completed a significant amount of work:

  • 130m of road dug out and rebuilt
  • 1500 tonnes of material removed
  • 1500 tonnes of new asphalt laid
  • two service trenches built for telecommunications infrastructure
  • around 100m² of road repairs
  • barrier repairs
  • the removal of potentially dangerous trees near Judgeford Golf Course
  • vegetation clearance and slip tidying work.

Closing the road made this work much more efficient, compared with working under stop/go. It’s also safer for workers with no vehicles passing the worksite. Approximately 130 people in total worked day and night over the weekend. The work was done in four shifts, 12 hours long, with 65 people each. Work was completed earlier than planned, and the road was reopened at around 7pm on Sunday night – well ahead of the 4am Monday morning deadline.

There's still a lot of work to do to complete the SH58 Safety Improvements Project. The road is usually kept open to traffic, which limits how much work we can do on project. In future, further weekend road closures may be an option to help progress the project.

We’d like to thank Wellingtonians for your patience with the closure, and the detours and increased traffic that resulted.

Timelapse video of the road works: