SH6/Tucker Beach Road intersection improvements

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Project Introduction

This project uses an existing road under the Shotover Bridge, and building a traffic slip lane from this that joins the Frankton bound lane of SH6. This increases safety for Tucker Beach traffic, who won’t have to turn right across two lanes of heavy highway traffic to drive to Frankton.

  • Estimated project dates

    Jan 2018–Apr 2019
  • Estimated project cost

    $5–$7 million
  • Project type

    Safety improvements
  • Project status



Strong visitor growth and  the associated upswing in economic activity associated with this in the form of residential and commercial developments, is driving big increases in traffic on roads in the Queenstown and Frankton areas. This is most noticeable  on roads in Frankton, where several developments associated with the Queenstown visitor boom are happening. 

Heavier traffic on SH6 is making it increasingly difficult to make right turns out of the Tucker Beach Road intersection onto the highway to travel to Queenstown, especially for buses and large trucks. This $6.4 million NZ Transport Agency project will provide a safety underpass below SH6 at the Shotover River Bridge that will connect to a slip road for Tucker Beach Road motorists to travel west on SH6 toward Frankton or Queenstown.

Some of Queenstown Lakes District Council water and wastewater services for the further developments in the surrounding area are being incorporated into this project. 

This new and safer road link to Frankton and Queenstown for Tucker Beach Road intersection traffic is  expected to open in April 2019.

Tucker Beach Road intersection map

Tucker Beach Road intersection map

Larger version of Tucker Beach Road intersection map [PDF, 3.5 MB]

See also maps for temporary traffic turning changes [PDF, 3.5 MB]

Project benefits

  • Safer access Tucker Beach Road traffic on to SH6 especially heavy vehicles travelling to Queenstown.
  • An upgraded intersection that caters for strong traffic growth on the road network in this area
  • Improved access to and from SH6 for the local Quail Rise community
  • Fewer delays for vehicles at the Tucker Beach Road Intersection.
  • Greater safety on SH6 between the Hawthorne Drive and Shotover Country roundabouts.
  • Increased safety for cyclists.

Key features

  • Upgrading of an existing underpass at the nearby Shotover Bridge to create a separate traffic access point on to SH6 to Queenstown.
  • A new slip lane from the underpass road that connects safely to the Frankton bound traffic lane of SH6. 
  • Improved signage and road markings.