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takaka hill repairs banner

Project introduction

Work to repair damage from Cyclone Gita on State Highway 60, Takaka Hill between Riwaka and Takaka.

Open all day and night

The road is open all day and all night (24/7), barring further closures due to more slips or incidents. Drivers are able to safely use the one-way sections with the aid of manual traffic management (Stop/Go) and/or with traffic lights. Electronic signs at either side of the hill will update people of any delays or significant issues on the hill. 

“We need to remind everyone that there are narrow sections and all drivers, riders and road users need to be vigilant through this winter until the road is back to its more usual width,” says Frank Porter, Manager System Management.

  • There are no restrictions on the types of vehicles using the hill
  • Cyclists are able to bike the hill
  • Drivers, motorcycle riders and cyclists are not be able to stop between or within areas of manual traffic management and/or traffic signals
  • Drivers are not be able to overtake in these narrow areas for everyone’s safety.