Project introduction

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is seeking public input into proposals to set permanent new speed limits on State Highway 60 between Paines Ford and Tākaka.

Public consultation

30 Sep 2020

Formal consultation on new speed limit proposals is required under the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017.

Thank you to those of you who have made a submission on this consultation.  We will now begin analysis of the submissions, finalise the technical assessments, and then make a decision on the safe and appropriate speeds on this highway. The decision will be published on our website in due course and submitters will be advised.

Submissions closed on Monday 28 September 2020.

Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017


  • Project type

    Speed review

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What we know

In October and November 2019, we spoke with the community, local businesses and others about making State Highway 60 between Upper Tākaka and Tākaka safer. We’ve heard from some community members that speeds in this area feel too high to be safe.

There were 47 crashes on this stretch of road between 2009 and 2018. Ten people were seriously injured.

When we asked the community for their thoughts, people told us they were concerned about current speed limits, driver behaviour, driver education, and improving infrastructure and signage.

We will be prioritising work to introduce permanent safer speed limits between Paines Ford and Tākaka. This is a popular recreation spot with people parking near the road, and regular pedestrian and cyclist activity to and from Tākaka. Nearby is the Golden Bay Community Health Centre and intersection between SH60 and Central Tākaka and Dodson Roads.

Between 2009 and 2018 there were ten crashes between Paines Ford and Tākaka, which left ten people seriously injured. We are responding to strong community feedback by looking at safer speeds and improved safety for walking and cycling. We are constructing a shared user path between Paines Ford and Tākaka to increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Paines Ford is currently subject to a temporary speed limit of 80km/h over the summer peak.

Speed limits on the rest of the route between Upper Tākaka and Paines Ford will be consulted on once we have spoken to the community about safer speeds on the remaining sections of State Highway 60 in Golden Bay, and once the Tākaka Hill repair works are complete.

What we’re proposing

Based on what we know, we think the following would be safer speeds on this section of road:

Location Current speed limit Proposed speed limit Current mean operating speeds
Paines Ford to Tākaka
From 100m southwest of Paines Ford bridge to 270m south of Motupipi Street: 2.93km.
100km/h (80km/h at Paines Ford during summer peak) 80km/h 80–84km/h
SH60 Takaka speed review map

How speed reviews work

More information about speed and the speed review process is available on the Speed Review Programme webpage.