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Project introduction

Waka Kotahi is reviewing speeds along the SH73 and SH75 Christchurch to Akaroa route where safer speed limits will make a big difference in preventing people being killed and seriously injured in crashes.

  • Estimated project dates

    Jun 2021–Feb 2022
  • Project type

    Speed review

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It’s time we review one of our highest risk routes

It’s a scenic and much-loved route for drivers and motorcyclists but State Highway 73/75 between Christchurch and Akaroa is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s highest-risk roads.

Anyone who’s made the trip knows that it requires care, concentration and safe speeds behind the wheel.

Stretches of straight road end in sharp bends and these are where the highest number of fatal and serious vehicle crashes have happened. The scenic winding sections have steep drop-offs and reduced visibility, and this is where increasing numbers of motorcyclists are being killed and injured.  

Cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders all use the road in close proximity to passing vehicles. Unforgiving roadside conditions and narrow shoulders mean there’s little margin for error if simple mistakes are made.

Between 2011–2020, 75 people were killed or suffered serious injuries in crashes on this road, leaving families grieving and victims having to deal with potentially life-long injuries.

Even if speed doesn't cause the crash, speed on impact determines whether the people involved are killed, injured or walk away unharmed.

Our crash statistics are showing drivers are making mistakes and we shouldn't be dying because of it. 

A small change in speed on this route will make a big difference to the outcome of a crash and the people involved.

That’s why we are reviewing speeds between Christchurch and Akaroa this year, to make sure they are safe and right for the road.

Project time-frames

We’re not proposing any new speed limits at this stage of the review. The feedback we received during engagement will be combined with technical information to help recommend which speed limits are best for these roads. The next step is to formally consult with you on our recommendations later in the year. Any changes to speed limit signs along this route will likely take place in early 2022.

Have your say

We have spoken with many people from Banks Peninsula and across Christchurch about speeds and safety concerns on this highway. You will have an opportunity to provide any additional information that might have an impact on the final decision when we share a detailed proposal on speeds along this route later this year. Please subscribe to updates if you would like to know when community consultation opens.

Feedback was open from Wednesday 23 June and closed at 5pm on Wednesday 4 August 2021. 

However, you can see what others had to say on our interactive map:

SH73/75 Christchurch to Akaroa(external link)

How speed reviews work

More information about speed and the speed review process is available on the Speed Review Programme webpage.

Speed Review Programme