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Project introduction

This project will improve road and roadside safety on State Highway 74 (QEII Drive) between Innes Road and Burwood Road. Roadside safety barriers, median barrier and high performance road markings will be installed to help prevent crashes.

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    Safety improvements
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SH74 Marshland to Burwood project update - April 2019
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SH74 Marshland to Burwood project update - February 2019
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Making the road safer

Between 2007 and 2016 one person died and 14 people were seriously injured along State Highway 74 between Innes Road and Burwood Road.

People will always make mistakes, but there are changes we can make so simple mistakes don't cost lives.

This project saw roadside safety barriers installed to help prevent drivers from running off the road and hitting something much less forgiving - like a tree or power pole. These barriers will also keep vehicles away from the nearby shared pathway that is used by pedestrians and cyclists.

We also installed median barrier to keep traffic apart, reducing the risk of head-on crashes, and we have added improved road markings to help drivers see what is ahead more clearly and stay in their lane. This is particularly valuable at night and in wet conditions.