Delivery of the Bay’s $455 million Tauranga Eastern Link project will be built in two stages. The first stage was a series of smaller enabling works projects totalling $35 million. These projects involved relocating watermains, making improvements to a pump station and extending both Truman Lane and Kaituna Road. They started early 2010 and were completed 2014.

Stage two is construction of the actual highway, and this phase is valued at $420 million. Construction is underway, and a forecast completion date of late 2015.

Under the design and construct delivery model, the contractor decides when and how construction is done. With three million cubic metres of dirt to move, and seven bridges to build, it’s a large scale project to plan and manage.

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Stage 1: enabling works

A series of enabling works projects got underway in 2010 - they were identified as being beneficial to the overall Tauranga Eastern Link project by providing a head-start and economic stimulus for the region. 

Enabling works overview

Stage 1 - enabling works map

 Download a higher quality version of the map: 

Truman Lane extension and lower Mangatawa Drain

Truman Lane extension and lower Mangatawa Drain

Truman Lane extension: This project was to extend Truman Lane approximately 1.3km to connect into Mangatawa Lane (value $2.9 million). It provides a safer driving environment for local Mangatawa residents - they no longer have to contend with state highway traffic to access their homes. This portion of the contract is almost complete. The Truman Lane extension is now open and the State Highway 2 access is closed.

Lower Mangatawa Drain: The Lower Mangatawa Drain carries stormwater from Mangatawa to the estuary. The works were to construct higher stop banks (value $344,000) to allow for the increase in stormwater run off created by the Tauranga Eastern Link.

Contractor: Higgins
Start date: May 2010
Completed: May 2011 

Maranui stormwater treatment pond enlargement

Tauranga aerial

This project was to increase the size of the Maranui stormwater pond to allow for the additional runoff generated from proposed future developments at Mangatawa and the Tauranga Eastern Link.

Contractor: HEB Construction Ltd
Value est: $1 million
Start date: September 2012
Completed: Feb 2013

Watermain relocation - SH2 Mangatawa Lane to Domain Road

Watermain relocation - SH2 Mangatawa Lane to Domain Road

The existing Tauranga City Council bulk watermain was located alongside State Highway 2 (between Mangatawa and Domain Road). As part of the Tauranga Eastern Link project this section of road will be widened from two to four lanes. In preparation for the widening 5km of watermain has been relocated.

Tough soil conditions were an issue on this project. The soil was extremely soft and some areas had very deep peat. For further information on soft soil, see information sheet 4 – improving soil conditions [PDF, 249 KB].

Contractor: Hawkins Infrastructure
Value: $3.18 million
Start date: July 2010
Completed: January 20111

Watermain relocation - Parton Road

Proposed Parton Road overbridge.

The Tauranga City Council bulk watermain was located close to where the new Parton Road overbridge will be constructed. The 2km section of watermain had to be relocated to prepare for the construction of the Parton Road overbridge.

Contractor: HEB Construction Ltd
Value:  $2.5 million
Start date: March 2010
Completed:  September 2010

Diagonal drain pump station upgrade

Diagonal drain pump station upgrade

Diagonal drain pump station upgrade. The capacity of the existing pump station in the Kaituna flood plain was increased to mitigate the increased run off from the Tauranga Eastern Link. There were three pumps at this pump station, this project was to install a fourth.

Contractor: HEB Construction Ltd
Value: $1.2 million
Start date: October 2010
Completed: March 2011

Kaituna Road extension

Kaituna Road extension

Kaituna Road extension. The section of Kaituna Road extended as part of the enabling works was a paper road, located to the east of the new Tauranga Eastern Link highway. The new 2.1 km extension provides access for properties that will be cut off from Pah Road by the Tauranga Eastern Link.

Contractor: HEB Construction Ltd
Value: $2.84 million
Start date: November 2010
Completed: December 2011

Paengaroa weigh station

Paengaroa weigh station

A state-of-the-art weigh station was constructed just off State Highway 33 at Paengaroa. The facility will be maintained by the Transport Agency, and operated by the NZ Police Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit (CVIU), who will carry out regular truck weight and safety tests at the site.

Contractor: Higgins
Value: $2 million
Start date: November 2012
Completed: July 2014


Stage 2: Tauranga Eastern Link 

The construction contract was awarded to the Fulton Hogan HEB Construction Alliance. Other members of the consortium include Opus International Consultants, URS Corporation New Zealand, Gaia and Bartley Consultants. 

This is a design and construct contract and Fulton Hogan HEB Construction Alliance will decide when and how the construction is carried out. For more information go to the construction programme.

Construction of the highway has been split into two sections.

Section one: Te Maunga to Domain Road

Upgrade the existing highway to four lanes and a median barrier. Key features include:

  • widening the existing state highway from Te Maunga to Domain Road
  • improving Te Maunga intersection
  • new and safer access for properties fronting State Highway 2
  • two new interchanges at Mangatawa and Domain Road
  • left-in/left-out intersections at Bruce and Kairua Roads.

Section two: Domain Road to Paengaroa junction (SH2/33)

Construction of a new 15.5km highway with four lanes and a median barrier. Key features include new:

  • Parton Road overbridge
  • 186m four lane bridge over the Kaituna River
  • overpass over Maketu Road and the East Coast Main Trunk railway line bridge
  • roundabout at Paengaora (SH2 and SH33).

Note: Likely future works (not included in main physical works) include new interchanges at Papamoa East and Rangiuru Business Park.


Construction programme

The key elements of the construction programme are:

  • Preliminary works - These include trial embankments, relocating fences and driveways, clearing land and setting up the project site office and information centre.
  • Access and haul roads - Provide access along the project route for moving earth, helping to reduce the need to use local roads.
  • Ground improvements – Strengthen the ground beneath the structures to provide protection against liquefaction in the event of an earthquake.
  • Earthworks - Involves moving three million cubic metres of earth to form the roundabouts, bridge abutments and main carriageway.
  • Structures – Building seven bridges and underpasses.
  • Pavements - After laying gravel, asphalt is laid to create the new road surface.
  • Landscaping - Linking new planting with existing native fauna and mitigating the visual effects of the highway.

For the latest construction news take a look at the publications page.