Project Introduction

The Tauriko Enabling Works will improve safety at intersections of SH29 with Redwood Lane, Belk Road and Cambridge Road, enable development within Tauriko West, support development of Tauriko Business Estate, protect freight routes and improve access to public transport, walking and cycling.

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    Infrastructure upgrade, Safety improvements, Walking and cycling
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Tirohanga whānui kaupapa – project overview 

Tauriko West is one of the large-scale communities planned to cater for the western Bay of Plenty’s growth, and expected to provide approximately 4000 much needed new homes. Up to 2400 homes will be enabled through the Tauriko Enabling Works, a programme of work delivered together by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport and Tauranga City Council.

These upgrades will improve safety at intersections of State Highway 29 with Redwood Lane, Belk Road and Cambridge Road. They will enable development within Tauriko West, support continued development of Tauriko Business Estate, and improve access to public transport, walking and cycling.

The Tauriko Enabling Works are one piece of a much bigger picture when it comes to transportation and movement of people and goods throughout the Bay of Plenty. Every day, approximately 20,000 vehicles travel along SH29 between Redwood Lane and Cambridge Road, to and from other parts of the city and region. It’s already a busy route, crucial for local communities, including residents, freight, and those travelling to and from Tauranga across the Kaimai Range. A route that needs to be safe and provide reliable travel times for everyone.

  • Project features

    The Tauriko Enabling Works include:

    • a new intersection with traffic lights on SH29 at Tauriko Village to provide access to the northern part of Tauriko West.
    • widening of SH29 between the new intersection at Tauriko Village and Cambridge Road, including provision of a new shared walking and cycling path along the northern side of SH29.
    • an upgrade of the existing SH29/Cambridge Road intersection with traffic lights and a new connection to Whiore Avenue for buses, people walking and cycling only.
    • a new footpath along the southern side of Whiore Avenue and provision for future bus stops. The new bus stops and an on-road, two-way, protected cycle lane between the SH29/Cambridge Road intersection and Taurikura Drive would be installed once the first homes in the new Tauriko West community have been developed and demand increases.
    • a new roundabout at SH29/Redwood Lane which will connect to Tauriko Business Estate via Kaweroa Drive and provide access to the southern part of Tauriko West via Redwood Lane.
    • a new shared path connecting Redwood Lane to Kaweroa Drive crossing underneath SH29.
    • closure of the existing SH29/Belk Road intersection, with traffic redirected through Tauriko Business Estate to the new SH29/Redwood Lane roundabout. The existing SH29/Belk Road intersection would only be closed once the connecting roads and the new SH29/Redwood Lane roundabout have been completed.
  • Project background

    Home to more than 209,000 people, the western Bay of Plenty is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. With more people calling Tauranga and the sub-region home, Tauranga City Council, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council are working together to create great communities and a safe transport network.

    Tauriko West is one of the large-scale communities planned for the city, providing approximately 4000 new homes. Waka Kotahi and Tauranga City Council have been working on the long-term plans for the area as part of the Tauriko for Tomorrow project. This has looked at how best to develop the new community, improve transport links and safety for all users, increase opportunities for public transport and active transport, protect freight routes to the Port of Tauranga, and open up the Tauriko West area for housing and urban development.

    Tauriko for Tomorrow(external link)

    Tauriko Networks Connections – future transport improvements


Mahere kaupapa – project maps

He aha rā? Kaupapa – what's happening

  • Complete: Business case for pre-implementation and construction.
  • Complete: Detailed design and consents. We have further refined the plans for implementation of the improvements, incorporated feedback from mana whenua, stakeholders, landowners, interest groups, and the community received at the Tauriko for Tomorrow open days held in May 2021 and May 2022. Advice from safety, technical and environmental specialists was also included.
  • Underway: Tender process to secure a contractor and development of a programme for construction, with the goal to start works in early 2024. Construction of the different elements will be carried out in stages to reduce impact to traffic and will take approximately three years. This is subject to consultation with landowners whose property or access may be affected by the works, consenting requirements and land acquisition.
  • Ongoing: Engagement with mana whenua, stakeholders, landowners, interest groups and the community.

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