April 2024 update

Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening onsite and behind the scenes.


Bulk earthworks are complete, with 6.5 million cubic metres of earth being moved since construction began in January 2021. “Bulk earthworks” refers to moving large volumes of earth, but there are still finishing touches to be done, which involves smoothing out the top layer in preparation for pavement construction.

Pavement construction has ramped up significantly, with more than 60% of the main alignment ready for layers of aggregate to be laid. The part of the highway where pavement construction began first in June 2023 – Fill 9 towards the Ashhurst end of the project – is now ready for chipseal. The chipseal is the layer before asphalt, which will be laid shortly after.

Construction of the two roundabouts – one at each end – continues, with the roundabout at the Ashhurst end due for completion by mid-2024. The Woodville roundabout is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


The teams at Parahaki Bridge – which crosses the Manawatū River – are making good progress on constructing the segments of the superstructure (the bridge deck). The segments are poured in situ using the form traveller, a set of steel frames that “travels” along the bridge deck as each segment is made. Since the first set of form travellers were installed on Pier 1 in September 2023, the team has completed 18 of 54 segments. A second form traveller is operating from Pier 2, allowing more segments to be constructed. In April, the team will complete the first “stitch”, which is the join between the bridge deck and the southern abutment. The form travellers that were on Pier 1 will be moved to Pier 3 so the same process can be completed on the other end of the bridge.

Over the river at Eco-Viaduct, the team has nearly laid all 760 of the concrete bridge deck panels. Three of 11 sections of the bridge deck have had concrete poured, on top of which asphalt will eventually be laid. This bridge is due to be completed by the end of 2024.

At Mangamanaia Stream Bridge at the Woodville end of the project, the bridge deck is completed, and the team is constructing the wing walls. These are concrete walls adjacent to the abutments and act as retaining walls.


The landscaping team is gearing up for another huge planting season beginning in April. This year they aim to put 560,000 plants in the ground. To get ready for this, the team has been busy over summer mulching, clearing weeds and preparing areas for planting. They have also been conducting maintenance of the areas planted in 2023, ensuring the newly-planted trees and shrubs continue to thrive.