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The tunnel is equipped with state of the art communication and safety features including electronic message boards, public address and radio sound systems, CCTV cameras and high-powered ventilation and fire sprinkler systems. Additional safety features include:

  • The tunnel and traffic inside it is monitored 24/7 by dedicated Tunnel Operators via CCTV and computerised systems.
  • There are emergency exits and telephones every 150m along the right hand side of each tunnel. These exits (or cross-passages) provide direct access to the other tunnel and are only to be used in emergencies.
  • Any vehicle stopped in a lane from accident, mechanical breakdown or otherwise, will be pushed or towed to a place of safety as quickly as possible.
  • On-ramp signals to help regulate traffic flow.  These signals are an important part of the extensive safety systems and will help manage traffic entering the tunnel if there’s an incident.
  • Over-height detection systems which notify drivers if they are travelling in an over-height vehicle. This gives them an opportunity to pull over and take an alternative route.

 Download the safety features of the Tunnel. [PDF, 731 KB]