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Please note: The graphics on this page show how the finally finished interchange works.

Poplar Avenue Interchange

This is the first partial interchange you’ll come across on the new Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway if you’re heading north through the Kāpiti Coast from Wellington. It’s got a northbound off-ramp from Wellington, and a southbound on-ramp to Wellington. Poplar Avenue will extend under the Expressway to connect with the existing state highway. A roundabout and t-intersection will connect local roads to the Expressway on and off-ramp. Locals will have the choice to use the Expressway or the existing state highway* to move around the Kāpiti Coast.

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Heading north

If you’re coming from Wellington, you join the Expressway at Mackays Crossing just north of Paekākāriki. From here, you can continue using the Expressway to travel north. Raumati residents wanting to travel north on the Expressway will use the Kāpiti Road Interchange because there is no on-ramp north from Poplar Avenue. 

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Getting off the Expressway while heading north to go down Poplar Avenue or to use the existing state highway

If you want to leave the Expressway and go to Raumati South, use the northbound off-ramp and exit onto Poplar Avenue by turning left at the roundabout at the end of the off-ramp. 

If you’re travelling north and want to get to Paraparaumu, or to use the existing state highway, take the off-ramp, and use the roundabout and T-intersection to exit onto the existing state highway. (Alternatively, you could use the Kāpiti Road Interchange to get to Paraparaumu). 

Heading south

If you’re heading south on the Expressway and want to get to Raumati South, you need to get off at the Kāpiti Road Interchange, because there is no southbound off-ramp at this interchange. 

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Getting onto the Expressway to head south from Poplar Avenue or from the original state highway

If you’re travelling from Poplar Avenue or Raumati South and want to go south towards Wellington, you’ll go straight through the first roundabout, under the Expressway and turn right at the intersection to take the on-ramp that takes you south towards Mackays Crossing. If you’re travelling south from Paraparaumu on the existing state highway, use the on-ramp at the interchange to get onto the Expressway to continue south. 

*Within two years of Expressway opening, the stretch of existing State Highway 1 between Poplar Avenue in Raumati South and Te Kowhai Road in Peka Peka will no longer be required to operate as a state highway. It will become a fit-for-purpose local road.