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Raumati Straights Upgrade

A smoother connection is on its way.

The Raumati Straights Upgrade involves roadworks on 2km of State Highway 1 between Paekakariki and Paraparaumu. This upgrade is important because the current road provides a very uneven and bumpy ride and raises ongoing maintenance and safety issues.

The upgrade will fix and correct the shape and camber of the road, widen the road shoulders, add wire median barriers in the centre and northbound, and a new guard rail southbound to improve road safety and your experience as a road user.

Improving this section of State Highway 1 is critical because it needs to connect seamlessly between the new Mackays to Peka Peka (M2PP) Expressway and Transmission Gully that sit either side of it.

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Why so long?

Our number one priority is keeping you, your passengers and our workers safe.

We’re all working and commuting on a State Highway that has over 25,000 vehicles moving through per day. We’re squeezed in between a live railway and a conservation area (Queen Elizabeth Park) and we’ve got no alternative route. So we’ve got to work and travel together.

Did you know that Raumati Straights is built on top of peat? Thick, water-logged soil that used to be swamp or wetlands. The peat is deepest on the left-hand side of the northbound lane where you can feel dips and rolls in your ride. That’s caused by the spongy soil beneath the road and to fix this up we have to load it with rock and hard fill and then let it settle for at least two months.

So we’re not dealing with stable ground or working conditions on this job. To manage all these issues we’ve put a huge amount of expertise and time into planning and staging our work to get the best outcome possible.

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What’s happening where, when and why?

Works on the Raumati Straights and the Poplar Avenue tie-in continue to ensure we provide a smooth connection to the Expressway. The southbound lanes past the tie-in point are completed and back to 100km/h, and the northbound lanes are being completed at the moment. The completion of these works will be in line with the completion of all final Expressway works. 

The majority of these finishing works on the northbound lanes will happen in conjunction with the Interchange tie-in works and will happen off-peak and at night. Please observe speed restrictions and traffic management while it’s in place, as it’s there for your safety, as well as the safety of our workers.

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Essential information for road users

Be aware that as speed reduces, the distance between vehicles reduces.  Sudden braking creates a domino effect of stop-starting and queuing and causes delays.  You can help by:

  • following the speed signs
  • focusing on the road
  • minimising lane changing
  • merging like a zip.

Plan your trip. We know it’s not easy for everyone to adjust their travel plans on short notice, but if it’s possible, plan your trip ahead of time. If you have to travel at peak times, allow more time to get to your destination safely and on time.

Park & Ride. Park for free at Waikanae and Paraparaumu and connect with regular bus and train services to the City and Wellington region.

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