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March 2018 update

Submissions on the shortlisted corridor options closed on Friday, 23 March 2018 at 5pm.

February 2018 update

On Monday 5 February we released the shortlisted corridor options for the Ōtaki to north of Levin (Ō2NL) project, and asked the community for feedback to help refine them to a single preferred route. You can find a map showing the Ō2NL shortlisted options here.

You can find more information on the options assessment process here [PDF, 8.9 MB].

January 2018 update

On Monday 5 February the New Zealand Transport Agency will be presenting the shortlist of corridor options for the Ōtaki to north of Levin project.

A newsletter will be sent to 14,000 households in the area which will include the shortlisted options and information on how we developed these options. This information will also be available on our website, at our Levin pop-up shop and at community information sessions being held around the region.

The shortlist of options has been developed following our last round of engagement with the community in June 2017 when we sought the various perspectives of people who live, work and travel in the area. This community engagement has helped shape the project and the development of a long list of corridor options for further assessment.

Information will also be available online from Monday 5 February.

We’ll be advertising the opening days and hours of our pop-up shop, and the dates and venues of our information sessions prior to each event.

From 7 February until 9 March, our shop at 183 Oxford Street, Levin will be open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am-4pm, and Thursday from 12pm-6pm.  Feel free to drop in to speak to a member of the project team. No appointment is required. We’re also holding eight community information sessions during February and March.  You can find a list of the information sessions at the bottom of this update.

We’ve recently written to all potentially affected landowners offering to meet them in-person. This is to ensure that they have an opportunity to discuss with us, in person, how the shortlisted options may affect their property.

From 7 February we look forward to discussing the shortlisted options with the wider community at either our pop-up shop at 183 Oxford Street, Levin, or at one of our community information sessions.

  •   Community information sessions
    Manakau information session
    Manakau Community Hall
    12 Mokena Kohere Street
    Saturday 10 February 10am-2pm
    Koputaroa information session
    Koputaroa Community Hall
    399 Koputaroa Road
    Wednesday 14 February 2pm-4pm
    Levin information session
    Ō2NL project pop-up shop
    183 Oxford Street
    Saturday 17 February 10am-2pm
    Ōhau information session
    Ōhau Public Hall
    Muhunoa Road West
    Thursday 22 February 3pm-7pm
    Family Fun Day information session
    Levin Adventure Park
    93 Oxford Street
    Saturday 24 February 10am-4pm
    Levin information session
    Waiopehu College
    74 Bartholomew Road
    Thursday 1 March 4pm-6pm
    Poroutawhao information session
    Poroutawhao Community Hall
    800 State Highway 1
    Wednesday 7 March 2pm-4pm
    Levin information session
    Ō2NL project pop-up shop
    183 Oxford Street
    Friday 9 March 4pm-8pm

November 2017 update

The NZ Transport Agency would like to thank everyone for their patience and will update the local community and all of our stakeholders in January 2018 with further developments and a schedule for public open days and meetings.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date on the project, please subscribe to our newsletter(external link) or check this page regularly. The public open days and meetings will be advertised in the new year through our enewsletter and in the local media.

August 2017 update

The Ōtaki to north of Levin team would like to thank everyone who visited one of our community events, talked to the team or gave feedback on the project throughout June and July 2017. Your feedback has been invaluable and we are currently analysing and working through what you’ve told us. Download the completed engagement report [PDF, 5.8 MB] for this round of consultation.

We will use the outcomes of the engagement report alongside our technical work to develop corridor option/s and will come back to the community with this information later in 2017.

Consultation FAQs – May 2017

  •   Why haven’t I heard anything for the past two years? What have the Transport Agency been doing during this time?

    After we identified a preference for option 5A, we received feedback from the local community and stakeholders around the impacts and implications of this option. We have spent time doing some more work on what these issues are, what they mean for the community, and whether there are other and better ways to achieve a roading connection in this area.

    At the same time we have been working with Horowhenua District Council (HDC) on exploring what the impacts of higher than anticipated growth and traffic volumes in the area might mean. In order to strategically plan and deliver the best outcomes for local residents, businesses, road users and connecting areas we are now looking at long term solution(s) for the section of State Highway 1 from Taylors Road (to connect to the Peka Peka to Ōtaki expressway), north as far as the Manawatū River.

    We understand that our current project scope is different to what we have previously advised. We apologise for any confusion and uncertainty that this project and its timeline has caused the community, in particular property owners.  Our commitment moving forward is to work closely with the community and other key stakeholders so that you can clearly understand what we are doing, how you can influence the project, and how your views will be taken into consideration when we make decisions about the project.

  •   Why are you doing more consultation?

    As the scope of O2NL has changed, we want to work with the community to make sure we develop the best option for the entire route from Taylors Road to Manawatū River. We need to check back that what you’ve previously told us is still relevant, what’s changed since then and how O2NL can support community aspirations for Levin and beyond.

    Once we have gathered this information we will use it, along with our technical work, to develop one or more alignment options. We plan to come back to you later in 2017 to show you the results of this work, and seek further feedback on what you think. This will then form the basis of a recommended option we will take to the Transport Agency Board for endorsement in early 2018.

  •   How can I have my say?

    In June 2017, we sought the various perspectives of those that live, work and travel in the area. This has helped us understand the full range of community values and interests, for example cultural, environmental, business and social issues, to ensure the best outcome for the region and for road users who need to go through the region.  In the second round of public engagement which will begin in February 2018, you will have the opportunity to review the shortlist of proposed options and contribute to the selection of a preferred corridor..

  •   When will I know if my property is affected by the project?

    During the second round of consultation in 2018 we will have a better idea of where the alignment of O2NL may be, as the community input will directly influence this. Note that we anticipate that we will be in a position to recommend an option to our Board mid-2018. The alignment is not considered a preferred option until the Board has endorsed it.


Consultation reports

Various consultation reports on the Ōtaki to north of Levin section of the Wellington Northern Corridor.

Title Published date Download
Ōtaki to North Levin project consultation report: Consultation stages 1-3 August 2013 PDF [PDF, 14 MB]
Ōtaki to North Levin project consultation report: Consultation stage 4 April 2014 PDF [PDF, 9.6 MB]
Ōtaki to North Levin project consultation report: Consultation stage 4 (part two) April 2014–November 2015 Feburary 2016 PDF [PDF, 18 MB]