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Being a smart driver

Everyone needs to do the right thing so everyone can enjoy the smart motorway’s benefits. Luckily, it’s easy to be a smart driver. Here’s what to do:

Smart Motorway: A drive-through animation – with Kevin McPhee

Smart Motorway: Emergency stopping areas – with Kevin McPhee

The smart motorway will include two smart emergency stopping areas. As Kevin explains, each areas will have a sensor, a camera, and a phone which will connect straight to the Wellington Traffic Operations Centre.

Smart Motorway: Ramp signals – with Kevin McPhee

Ramp signals are a set of traffic lights which switch from red to green and vice versa quickly allowing vehicles to merge smoothly and safely to the traffic already flowing on the highway. They will be installed at the end of State Highway 2 on-ramp at Ngauranga. The ramp signals will be switched on during peak traffic.

The Wellington Traffic Operations Centre is the heart of the smart system – with Kevin McPhee

Watch this animation to find out how the Traffic Operations Centre manages the smart system.

Installing the cross-motorway gantry – 29 November 2015

Removing the redundant gantry – 15 November 2015

This gantry will be refurbished and re-installed on SH2 in early 2016.

SH2 gantry timelapse – 2 August 2015

Installing a SH1 cross-motorway gantry over two nights on 29 July and 1 August

SH2 gantry timelapse – 2 August 2015

Lifting into place the portal gantry will hold a fixed directional sign on the SH2 off-ramp.

SH1 gantry timelapse – 3 August 2015

Installing the project's first of three new truss gantries into place on the SH1 southbound flyover, between Ngauranga and Aotea Quay.

Smart Motorway: Getting smart on the Wellington urban motorway – with Kevin McPhee 

Moving the Kaiwharawhara bridge stub

See the 300 tonne bridge stub lifted off its foundations.

Moving the first span of the Kaiwharawhara off-ramp

Watch the step by step process.