Planned works are expected to continue into 2023 to fully complete the Transmission Gully motorway, with the next phase of the road builder’s works programme starting soon.

The Transmission Gully project was completed in stages in order to expedite the opening of the motorway to the public, while also allowing for work on the wider state highway network that otherwise would have caused significant disruptions for motorists without an alternative route.

Over the next few months, you will see CPB Contractors and HEB Construction (CPB HEB JV) out and about completing necessary construction and maintenance both on and off the motorway.


The works programme for this summer involves drainage works, kerb and channel works, pathways, finishing link roads, signage, lighting, planting, and a short section of resurfacing on the main carriageway.

On new chipseal roads, some flushing of bitumen through the chip can sometimes occur, especially under hot summer conditions and heavy traffic loads. Our regular monitoring of the road surface has identified sections where flushing is more likely to occur. Pre-emptive repairs are being made over the coming weeks to these sections to avoid affecting summer holiday traffic. 

An immediate response team are on hand to apply water to cool the surface or spread stone chips onto affected areas. Motorists may see CPB HEB JV making these repairs and adding small amounts of new stone chip to the road. There may also be lane closures at night in some locations and some temporary speed limits following these works due to loose stone chip. For your safety and the safety of other road users, please follow all traffic and speed signage.

Plans are also being finalised for temporary improvement work on a short section of the northbound lanes, just north of Te Ara a Toa. Pavement quality on Transmission Gully motorway is constantly monitored, and this early intervention work will ensure the expected standard of quality is achieved when permanent rehabilitation work is completed in the New Year. The works will be planned to minimise disruption to motorists.

Some of the most visible works will be seen around SH58 and Lanes Flat as the final pavement between the Pāuatahanui roundabout and Bradey Rd intersection is laid, and CPB HEB JV offices are removed to allow a new local road connection to be built.

Cyclists and local residents will also be keen to know that the completion of the new connecting road between Paekākāriki and Queen Elizabeth Park at Mackays Crossing is planned to start in late summer 2023. 

Work that’s happening near you

Location specifics around summer works programme 2022/2023

SH58/Lanes Flat

  • Final pavement layer, SH58 (between Pāuatahanui roundabout and Bradey Rd intersection)
  • Drainage, kerb and channel works
  • Shared path (between Pāuatahanui roundabout and Bradey Rd)
  • Decommission Lanes Flat CPB HEB JV offices, reinstatement of the area
  • Link road construction (between new and old SH58, access to Ventia building)
  • Planting/vegetation maintenance.

SH59, Paekākāriki and Mackays Crossing interchanges

  • Remove temporary pavements, install permanent design
  • New signage and line marking
  • Kerb, channel and landscaping works
  • Complete new connecting road between Paekākāriki and Queen Elizabeth Park/Mackays Crossing Interchange.

SH59, Kenepuru Interchange

  • Finish abutment urban design panel, southbound
  • Start abutment urban design panel, Kenepuru Link Rd, northbound.
  • Road lighting works.

SH59/Mungavin Ave Interchange

  • Remove old signage, install new signage.

Kenepuru Interchange

  • Minor tidy up/touch-up work.

As the motorway operator, Ventia works closely with the builder to manage work in a safe manner that minimises any disruption for travellers.

For all enquiries, please email info.tg@ventia.com or call 0800 TGINFO (0800 84 4636).  

To plan your journey and stay informed, please: