In July 2014, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency signed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract with the Wellington Gateway Partnership. Under the terms of the PPP contract, the Wellington Gateway Partnership will design, construct, finance, operate and maintain the new Transmission Gully motorway for the 25 years that will follow the expected five-year period to build the motorway. It is aimed to have the motorway open for traffic by 2020.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Wellington Gateway Partnership

A PPP is a long-term contract between the public and private sectors covering the financing, construction and operation of a public infrastructure and services. Full ownership of the public infrastructure remains with the public sector.

PPPs allow large and complex projects to benefit from private sector innovation and funding which can increase certainty of delivery and drive better value-for-money. There are also savings to be had on all aspects of the project – design, build, maintenance and operational management.

PPPs are typically used for large-scale infrastructure projects where risks can be effectively identified and transferred to the private sector. Waka Kotahi aims to use successful ideas and innovations that come out of the Transmission Gully PPP across other highway projects and the wider transport network.

Transmission Gully interim review

The Te Waihanga NZ Infrastructure Commission report from the Transmission Gully Interim Review was published in April 2021. The review investigated how the Transmission Gully project agreement was awarded for the price agreed, and whether the risks identified then were reasonably allocated and appropriately considered.

Te Waihanga NZ Infrastructure Commission report(external link)

Covid-19 settlement agreement

In April 2021, Government agencies released briefings and papers regarding the Transmission Gully Covid-19 settlement agreement. These documents have been compiled into one release document, with a summary and questions and answers.

Covid-19 settlement agreement documents [PDF, 5.9 MB]

Amended and restated project agreement – 17 December 2020

The Transmission Gully project agreement was updated following the Covid-19 settlement agreement. The amended and restated project agreement, together with the schedules updated as a result of the Covid-19 settlement agreement, have been released.

PPP contract – July 2014

Project schedules