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Construction focused on:

  • establishing the work sites
  • forming the access tracks
  • undertaking environmental monitoring and control works
  • undertaking geological investigations
  • completing temporary works and the first of 5.9 kilometres of permanent stream diversions
  • starting bulk earthworks across the 27 kilometre alignment.

In the coming years we’ll be focused on:


  • Completed the final road works, including pavements, barriers, line marking and signage.
  • Commissioned and tested traffic management systems.
  • Final preparations and opening of the new Transmission Gully motorway to traffic.


  • Works on bulk earthworks and roadworks across the 27 kilometres alignment
  • Completed and traffic through the new State Highway 58 Interchange
  • Completed the Cannons Creek Bridge, which is the last of the project’s 25 bridges to be finished
  • Completed the James Cook, Kenepuru and Linden interchanges.


  • Works started on the Mackays Crossing Interchange.
  • Completed the Te Puka and Horokiri Stream diversions.
  • Works on bulk earthworks across the alignment and starting initial road works.
  • Works on the new Coast Road section, north of Paekākāriki and redirecting traffic from the existing State Highway 1.
  • Completed the State Highway 58 Interchange structures.
  • Started the first launch of the Cannons Creek Bridge superstructure. There will be four launches in total to complete the deck structure, which will run through to 2019.


  • Works are underway on a number of the project’s structures, including the largest – the Cannons Creek Bridge.
  • Works on fill preparation and ramping up of bulk earthworks across the 27 kilometre alignment.
  • Starting works on the State Highway 58 interchange structures, which comprise two main bridges and  two smaller bridges for the northbound and southbound State Highway 58 Interchange ramps.
  • Construction of the Kenepuru Link Road including a bridge over the North Island Main Trunk railway line and Kenepuru Stream.
  • Completed the Duck Creek and Pāuatahanui Stream diversions.
  • Installed noise and retaining walls at the Linden section and starting works to replace the Collins Avenue bridge.
  • Landscaping and planting across the 27 kilometre alignment, which will continue throughout the project.