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Wellington Gateway Partnership (WGP) has contracted a joint venture of CPB Contractors and HEB Construction (CPB HEB JV) to deliver the project design and construction.


Design of the Transmission Gully motorway has been driven by:

  • The NZ Transport Agency’s Safe System design and operational specifications, including the roads of national significance guidelines
  • The New Zealand Government’s Safer Journeys Strategy(external link)
  • GreenroadsTM certification
  • The needs of communities along and around Transmission Gully and wider road network users.

The project is aligned with the Government’s objective to create a safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury. We recognise our role as a safe system designer and the importance of our responsibility to create safer journeys for people travelling on the new motorway.


Design and construction of the new motorway includes establishing sites, bulk earthworks and drainage, structures, pavement and commissioning.

Construction so far has focused on:

  • establishing the work sites
  • forming the access tracks
  • undertaking environmental monitoring and control works
  • undertaking geological investigations
  • completing temporary works and the first of 5.9 kilometres of permanent stream diversions
  • starting bulk earthworks across the 27 kilometre alignment.

In the coming years we’ll be focused on:


  • works are underway on a number of the project’s structures, including the largest – the Cannons Creek Bridge
  • continuing fill preparation and ramping up of bulk earthworks across the 27 kilometre alignment
  • starting works on the State Highway 58 interchange structures, which comprise two main bridges and  two smaller bridges for the northbound and southbound State Highway 58 Interchange ramps
  • construction of the Kenepuru Link Road including a bridge over the North Island Main Trunk railway line and Kenepuru Stream
  • completing the Duck Creek and Pāuatahanui Stream diversions
  • installing noise and retaining walls at the Linden section and starting works to replace the Collins Avenue bridge
  • landscaping and planting across the 27 kilometre alignment, which will continue throughout the project.


  • starting works on the Mackays Crossing Interchange
  • completing the Te Puka and Horokiri Stream diversions
  • continuing bulk earthworks across the alignment and starting initial road works.
  • completing the new Coast Road section, north of Paekākāriki and redirecting traffic from the existing State Highway 1
  • completing the State Highway 58 Interchange structures
  • starting the first launch of the Cannons Creek Bridge superstructure. There will be four launches in total to complete the deck structure, which will run through to 2019.


  • continuing bulk earthworks and roadworks across the 27 kilometres alignment
  • completing and traffic through the new State Highway 58 Interchange
  • completing the Cannons Creek Bridge, which is the last of the project’s 25 bridges to be finished
  • completing the James Cook, Kenepuru and Linden interchanges.


  • completing final road works, including pavements, barriers, line marking and signage
  • commissioning and testing of traffic management systems
  • final preparations and opening of the new Transmission Gully motorway to traffic.

The project continues to build momentum, and the labour force will be at its greatest from 2017 through to 2019.

Visit our Employment opportunities page to find out more about current jobs available on the project.