The Waitangirua Interchange connects the communities of Whitby and Waitangirua with the motorway, via two new Porirua City Council link roads.

James Cook Interchange artist impression

Artist’s impression of the completed Waitangirua Interchange.

How to use the Waitangirua Interchange

You can get on or off Transmission Gully in either direction using this interchange which connects Whitby and Waitangirua with the new motorway via two new Porirua City Council link roads.

To access Transmission Gully from Whitby, you’ll use Te Ara Kāpehu from the roundabout at the intersection of James Cook Drive and Navigation Drive. From Waitangirua, you’ll use the Waitangirua Link Road at the intersection of Niagara Street and Warspite Avenue.

Directional arrows on a map showing how to use the Waitangirua InterchangeView larger map [JPG, 502 KB]

Take a drive through the Waitangirua Interchange

Just before the August lockdown, the Transmission Gully team invited Whitby and Waitangirua locals Sheryn and David to try out the new motorway from the Waitangirua Interchange. Watch the video to see the new local roads and how they will connect people to the motorway.

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 Video transcript
Timestamp Visual information Audio Information
00:00:00 [Text] Using the new motorway Waitangirua Interchange 11 August 2021 [Light music plays]
00:00:03 Sheryn and David walk towards their car. Sheryn and David live between Whitby and Waitangirua.
00:00:06 Sheryn and David sit in the car and put on their seatbelts. Once Transmission Gully opens, they’ll use the motorway to get in and out of Wellington.
00:00:12 Their car drives away from the camera. They’re going to show us how easy it will be.
00:00:14 Looking through the car’s windscreen, car approaches a roundabout. At the existing roundabout at the intersection of Navigation and James Cook Drives in Whitby,
00:00:20 From above we see the car take the second exit off the roundabout. They drive through the entrance to Te Ara Kāpehu. Sheryn and David will soon be able to take a brand new road called Te Ara Kāpehu.
00:00:24 The drone follows the car along Te Ara Kāpehu. They’ll travel for around one and a half kilometres on the link road
00:00:28 The camera is inside the car, showing Sheryn and David driving along. until they reach the Waitangirua Interchange at Transmission Gully.
00:00:32 The drone follows the car as it enters the next roundabout. An estimated eight thousand vehicles will be joining David and Sheryn each day.
00:00:37 The car exits the roundabout on the other side, At the interchange, they’ll travel through one roundabout
00:00:41 The camera pans from a road sign reading, ‘State Highway 1, motorway south, Wellington’ to see the car driving under the underpass. under an underpass and take the exit at the next roundabout
00:00:44 A drone shot shows the car leaving the roundabout to access the southbound on ramp to Wellington.
00:00:47 And taking the on ramp to Wellington, From there it’s all the way to Linden, where they’ll merge with
00:00:50 Transmission Gully stretches out into the distance ahead. State Highway 59 traffic heading into Wellington City.
00:00:55 The drone now looks the opposite direction, as the car travels along the off ramp. Coming home, will be as easy as taking Transmission Gully
00:00:58 Looking through the car’s windscreen, they pass a sign saying ‘Exit’. until they reach the northbound off ramp at the Waitangirua Interchange.
00:01:02 Then enter the roundabout, passing workers on the road. From there, they’ll take the first exist at the roundabout
00:01:05 The car takes the first exit. they can choose to turn right to Whitby
00:01:07 A fixed camera shows a sign for the Waitangirua Link Road, then a drone shot shows the car taking the link road. or carry on and take the Waitangirua Link Road home.
00:01:11 The drone follows the car along the new link road, surrounded by green hills on both sides. The brand new two kilometre Waitangirua Link Road
00:01:14 The car continues along the Waitangirua Link Road. intersects with Warspite Avenue and Niagara Street.
00:01:17 The drone pans along revealing views out to Waitangirua. Giving locals a much more convenient access to and from Wellington.
00:01:21 Inside the car, Sheryn and David look towards their home from the road. [Sheryn] Hello house.
00:01:23 The camera tilts from the sky down to a sign saying no cyclist or pedestrians permitted. [Narrator] While cyclists can use the link road, cyclists and walkers are not permitted on Transmission Gully
00:01:29 A fixed camera shows another road with sign saying no cyclist or pedestrians permitted. Because it is a motorway.
00:01:31 A drone shot shows two cars travelling down Transmission Gully heading south. [Light music fades out]
00:01:34 Wellington Gateway Partnership and New Zealand Government logos