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Learn more about what our team are up to by listening to the below radio interviews.

Isobel Halliday

Isobel Halliday, Undergraduate Student

Isobel Halliday talks about work experience with the TG Project Team, which contributes to her achieving a Natural Resources Engineering Degree from the University of Canterbury.

Listen to Isobel’s interview [MP3, 4.7 MB] – 8 January 2019

Tom Puxley

Tom Puxley, CPB HEB JV Project Engineer

Tom Puxley talks about seismic resilience design factors and the building of Bridge 26 at Collins Avenue in Linden.

Listen to Tom’s interview [MP3, 5.3 MB] – 26 June 2018


Rudolph Joubert, CPB HEB JV Structures Manager

Rudolph Joubert talks about different types of structures on the project and the range of design techniques being used to build these.

Listen to Rudolph’s interview [MP3, 4.5 MB] – 8 May 2018

Boyd Knights

Boyd Knights, CPB HEB JV Project Director

Boyd Knights talks about managing construction of the project and gives an update on the summer season and what to expect moving into winter.

Listen to Boyd’s interview [MP3, 4.5 MB] – 1 May 2018

Reuben Mills

Reuben Mills, Senior Environmental Advisor

Reuben Mills talks about the works to release the lizards that were captured before construction works started, to their new habitat.

Listen to Reuben’s interview [MP3, 3.1 MB] – 18 April 2018

Ben Patrick

Ben Patrick, Southern Zone Manager

Ben Patrick talks about the latest progress for the Kenepuru Interchange, and the next stage of works to demolish another section of the Collins Avenue overbridge in the middle of the year.

Listen to Ben’s interview [MP3, 13 MB] – 20 March 2018

Sam Aitkenhead

Sam Aitkenhead, CPB HEB JV Zone 2 Manager

Sam Aitkenhead talks about the works underway for the State Highway 58 Interchange, and upcoming traffic changes for motorists.

Listen to Sam’s interview [MP3, 3 MB] – 18 March 2018

Ian Pringle

Ian Pringle, CPB HEB JV Senior Project Engineer

Ian Pringle talks about the Cannons Creek bridge construction.

Listen to Ian’s interview [MP3, 2.3 MB] – 6 March 2018

Desiree Craike

Desiree Craike, CPB HEB JV Traffic Manager

Desiree Craike talks about traffic management and changes to road layout over the coming month.

Listen to Desiree’s interview [MP3, 2.3 MB] – 20 February 2018

Belinda Mackenzie-Dodds

Belinda Mackenzie-Dodds, CPB HEB JV Community Relations and Stakeholder Manager

Belinda Mackenzie-Dodds talks about engaging with stakeholders and the local community for the project.

Listen to Belinda’s interview [MP3, 12 MB] – 12 December 2017

Jess Jenkins

Jess Jenkins, CPB HEB JV Area Manager Project Wide Works

Jess Jenkins talks about her role in the different areas of the project she looks after.

Listen to Jess’s interview [MP3, 11 MB] – 5 December 2017

Rod Ladyman

Rod Ladyman, CPB HEB JV SH&Q Manager

Rod Ladyman talks about health and safety and quality measures in place for the project.

Listen to Jess’s interview [MP3, 13 MB] – 28 November 2017

Ben Patrick

Ben Patrick, CPB HEB JV Southern Zone Manager

Ben Patrick talks about the works underway near Tawa, and the bridges that make up the Kenepuru Interchange.

Listen to Ben’s interview [MP3, 5 MB] – 21 November 2017

Darren Utting

Darren Utting, CPB HEB JV Environmental and Stakeholder Manager

Darren Utting talks about the project's mitigation planting and a recent community planting day event.

Listen to Darren’s interview [MP3, 4.4 MB] – 31 October 2017

Hardus Pieters

Hardus Pieters, CPB HEB JV Northern Zone Construction Manager

Hardus Pieters talks about the works happening near Mackays Crossing.

Listen to Hardus’s interview [MP3, 4.2 MB] – 17 October 2017

Reece Wilkie

Reece Wilkie, CPB HEB JV Northern Environmental Zone Manager

Reece Wilkie talks about the range of things the project is doing to help protect the environment and some interesting archeological finds.

Listen to Reece’s interview [MP3, 4.4 MB] – 3 October 2017

Boyd Knights

Boyd Knights, CPB HEB JV Project Director

Boyd Knights talks about the works underway for the project and an update on works happening near Linden, Tawa.

Listen to Boyd’s interview [MP3, 3.3 MB] – 15 September 2017

Sergio Mejia

Sergio Mejia, Wellington Gateway Partnership CEO

Sergio Mejia talks about leading the delivery of the Transmission Gully motorway as part of the PPP with NZ Transport Agency.

Listen to Sergio’s interview [MP3, 3.3 MB] – 12 September 2017