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Important information for SH1 and SH58 motorists

15 October 2018

A number of traffic switches will be happening over the next few months.

Preparation work upcoming traffic switch: Linden & Tawa

2 August 2018

A traffic switch in September will move southbound traffic over from the existing Collins Ave overbridge to the first section of the new overbridge (Bridge 26). The new Bridge 26 is around two metres higher than the old bridge and the team is building the approach embankments either side of the new bridge to tie into the existing lanes.

Once the traffic has been switched off the old bridge onto the new one, we will demolish the southbound section of the old bridge and begin construction of the second section of new bridge in a worksite between the north and south bound lanes of SH1.

As part of this work, in August we will be making the road wider on each side of the motorway south of Mungavin Interchange to just past Tawa College. This allows for the demolition of the old Collins Ave overbridge and also provides a larger working area in the central median for building the central columns for Bridges 25 (the northbound ramp onto Transmission Gully) and 27 (the Kenepuru Link Road over SH1).

The majority of this realignment work will be done at night to minimise disruption from the necessary lane closures. We apologise to residents and motorists for any disruption this may cause and ask that you take care when driving through this area as there will be changes in road surface and temporary speed restrictions in place at times.

Once the lanes are realigned, daytime southbound speed limits will also be reduced to 70kph to ensure driver safety through areas where the concrete barriers may temporarily affect lines of sight. The reduced speeds are also vital for the safety of our teams working alongside the live traffic lanes. Please pay close attention to the signage and keep to the posted speed limits.

Linden traffic switches