Variable Speed Limits

When considering how to safely manage congestion at peak travel times (such as in the morning between 7am and 9am) one option is variable speed limits. A variable speed limit allows for speed limits to be adjusted if there is a need to slow vehicles down because of congestion ahead on the network, a crash or incident on the road ahead, or if there are weather conditions that may affect safety.

Variable speed limits can also help improve travel time reliability in peak periods – making your trips in and out of Wellington more consistent and reliable. They also help ensure that the roads are flowing smoothly and connecting well with other parts of the roading network.

Variable speed limits are already in use on both directions of SH1 between Johnsonville and the Terrace Tunnel.

While there is a variable speed limit for southbound traffic between SH1 Kenepuru interchange and the SH59 Mungavin Avenue interchange, and Tawa, this work will be to install the permanent infrastructure that’s needed including new electronic signage to advise of incidents or estimated journey times, and additional CCTV to ensure that the motorway is operating safely and efficiently.

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