Project introduction

When a new expressway opens, the old state highway needs to be converted into a local road – removing the state highway status. This process is known as ‘revocation’ and passes the ownership and maintenance of the road to the relevant local authority. In this case, Kāpiti Coast District Council.

In April and May 2021 we asked for feedback on the preliminary designs for Peka Peka to Ōtaki to help us develop them further.

We also asked for feedback on speed limits for the M2PP and PP2Ō sections, new local roads and new layouts.

Feedback has now closed. You can see what others have to say on our interactive online map.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is revocation?

    Revocation is the cancellation or removal of a status or offer. In this case, revocation is the removal of the status of ‘state highway’ from some sections of the Wellington Northern Corridor and its management under Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. As a result, some routes will revert back to a ‘local road’ managed by the relevant local council.

  • Why is this work happening?

    Improvements to the Wellington Northern Corridor mean that some sections that are currently SH1 are no longer required to function as a national state highway.

  • Does the community get to have a say?

    Yes, Waka Kotahi must consult with any affected regional or local council that may be affected by the proposed declaration before making a recommendation that a state highway status be revoked.

  • What happens at the point of hand over?

    Once the state highway status is revoked, then ownership and control of the road, is transferred to the local council. Funding responsibility is also transferred to local council, with any ongoing Waka Kotahi funding provided at an appropriate FAR (Funding Assistance Rate) rate for activity.

  • What will be the condition of the road when its status is revoked?

    Waka Kotahi must ensure that the road will at the time of handover, be fit for purpose in relation to its transport functions. Fit for purpose means that at the time of handover the revoked section of state highway will provide a level of service equivalent to other roads providing a similar function within the local road network, and be safe i.e. it will not as result of that change in function have a safety defect that was not there before.