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W2HV preferred option banner image

Preferred option confirmed 

We are now able to confirm that a seaside option is our preference for the Petone to Ngauranga section of the Wellington to Hutt Valley Walking, Cycling and Resilience project.

The seaside preference is based on community and stakeholder feedback and an assessment of the wider benefits that this option can provide.  This includes safety, look and feel and resilience for both the highway and the rail corridor between Wellington and the Hutt Valley.

We expect this decision will resonate with the public, user groups and communities who provided feedback as part of consultation in early 2014 and demonstrated support for a seaside option.

Key elements

Key elements included in a seaside option are:

  • A consistent 3m wide shared path for pedestrians and cyclists on the seaward side of the rail tracks between Petone and Ngauranga
  • The whole platform for the project is likely to be 5m, which will provide a 1m clearance on each side to enable maintenance of the new shared path and KiwiRail rail tracks. This platform width is still to be confirmed by key stakeholders and could provide an opportunity to facilitate the rail tracks being straightened in future.
  • Heading east from Petone the shared path will link with the Petone Esplanade and join the existing cycling and walking network through to Seaview
  • Heading north from Petone pedestrians and cyclists will travel along the new path to connect with Petone station via an over bridge.  We are considering options for the Petone to Melling section of the project as part of the Government’s Urban Cycleways Programme.
  • From Ngauranga towards the Wellington CBD the new path will connect the existing path, although there are proposals to upgrade this section also through to Wellington railway station.

Getting clarity on the Petone to Ngauranga section of the Wellington to Hutt Valley Walking, Cycling and Resilience project is a positive step, and represents a $35m investment in improving walking and cycling between Wellington and the Hutt Valley.

The next steps for the project will be to prepare the necessary consent applications and seek approval to construct a seaside option.  We expect to lodge consent applications next year and, if consent is granted, construction would begin in 2019.

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