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#20-05 Contract Procedures Manual (SM021)

Published: | Category: Technical advice note | Audiences: Road traffic engineers & consultants, Roading contractors

This note is to advise that the third edition of the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Contract Procedures Manual (SM021) has been released to be used for all future procurement of infrastructure projects and is available for download from the Waka Kotahi website. 

Publication details

  • Author:
  • Published: 29 May 2020
  • Reference: 20-05
  • Contact:


This note is to advise that the third edition of the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Contract Procedures Manual (SM021) has been released to be used for all future procurement of infrastructure projects and is available for download from the Waka Kotahi website. The changes are mainly internal process changes, all-of-Government and sector requirements and editorial changes. The new version (third edition) of the manual applies from the date of this notice.

General information

The SM021 manual details the Waka Kotahi procedures for procuring and is split into two parts. SM021 Part A details procedures for implementing the requirements of the Waka Kotahi Procurement manual. It also covers the administrative requirements for contracts involving payments for professional services (PS) and physical works (PW). This technical advice notice covers updates made to SM021 Part A only.

SM021 Part A and its templates have been updated to reflect current business practice and to align with our Procurement Manual and the Procurement Policy. The processes and procedures outlined in this update to SM021 Part A must be followed by Waka Kotahi for all procurements that are undertaken from now on.

Purpose of the manual

Waka Kotahi must approve one or more procurement procedures that are designed to obtain the best value for money spent by the Waka Kotahi and approved organisations, having regard to contribute to an effective, efficient, and safe land transport system in the public interest (Land Transport Management Act sections 2 and 25).  Every approved procurement procedure must specify how procurement is to be carried out (which may differ for different kinds of procurement).

The purpose of the manual is to fulfil the obligations of the Waka Kotahi to the Land Transport Management Act section 25 and also to provide approved organisations with some guidance in developing their own procedures.  It also allows our suppliers to be more aware of our expectations as a procuring organisation.


The changes to SM021 manual are not considered to have significant effects, consisting of:

  • Corrections to the manual to amend internal changes such as alterations to delegations and approvals.
  • Incorporating necessary external changes such as the MBIE government procurement requirements and the Construction Industry Accord.
  • Editorial changes to make the manual easier to read.

A more detailed list of the manual changes can be found at:

Contract Procedures Manual

Communication plan

Our target audience for this manual is generally internal staff and those external consultants who conduct procurement on behalf of Waka Kotahi.  

As a result, our communications will mostly be focussed internally.  Advice of these changes will be promulgated by:

  • This note advising the manual’s release
  • Direct access via the website and intranet
  • Delivery of presentations at the next Project Managers Forum and Tender Secretary and Procurement meeting.


The SM021 manual and its templates are currently published for use on the Waka Kotahi website and InfoHub (internal staff document management system). These publications will be updated with the new versions and in addition easy access links to the documents will be added to the Waka Kotahi intranet page. A summary of amendments will be available to help users identify the difference between this version and the previous published version.

Given this update is reflective of current procedures and processes, it was not considered necessary to conduct company-wide, specific training on the changes to SM021.

Document review

SM021 Part B deals with the procurement and contracting procedures associated with the internal operations of Waka Kotahi (non-National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) related) and funded by administration budgets. Part B is currently being amended and is expected to be released in the coming months. A placeholder has been inserted into SM021 Part A in the interim. 

A review of the effectiveness of the changes and the current manual will be undertaken in September 2020.

Publication details

Author: Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency
Published: March 2020
Reference: ISBN (online): 978-1-98-856165-3
Version: 3
Found at:

Further information

To submit documents or if you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Senior Procurement Advisor – Procurement Excellence at



David Darwin - Chair, Ratification Group

Vanessa Browne - Delegated Approver