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DL2A Application for replacement driver licence and/or extension of driver licence validity

Published: | Category: Driver licensing , Forms | Audience: Motorists

Application form for people outside New Zealand (unable to visit a driver licensing agent) and who need to replace their personal driver licence. This form also provides an option for the driver to extend the expiry date of their driver licence by up to 12 months.

The road ahead: transport options for seniors

Published: | Category: Older drivers , Safe driving , Leaflets & brochures | Audiences: Communities, General, Motorists

This guide provides information to:

Vehicles exempt from registration and licensing (Factsheet 27)

Published: | Category: Vehicle registration / licensing , Factsheets | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet is an overview of vehicles that are exempt from registration and licensing requirements and to what extent they are exempted, explanation of the various exemptions and what requirement they provide exemption from.

Driver licensing customer inquiry form

| Category: Driver licensing , Forms | Audiences: Heavy vehicle operators, Motorists

VTNZ conduct practical driver tests on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency. If you would like to dispute a test result or complain about a testing officer employed by VTNZ, you can complain directly to VTNZ by completing the form on their website.

Vehicle certification complaints form

Published: | Category: Forms | Audience: Motorists

The NZ Transport Agency is responsible for ensuring that vehicle inspection and certification is carried out in accordance with the Vehicle inspection requirements manual (VIRM) and Land Transport Rules. This form can be used if you wish to submit a complaint about an inspection not being conducted to those standards.

Your vehicle has failed a warrant of fitness because of a noisy exhaust

Published: | Category: Vehicle choices , Leaflets & brochures | Audiences: Certifiers, Motorists, Vehicle inspectors & inspecting organisations

This pamphlet is written for vehicle owners whose vehicles have failed a WoF because of a noisy exhaust. It contains information on options for fixing the exhaust noise so that the vehicle can pass its WoF.

Vehicle lighting: how to install and use lights safely (Factsheet 73)

| Category: Vehicle safety , Factsheets | Audience: Motorists

This information is no longer available in factsheet format. However, you can view this content in our vehicle safety section.

Speed: how to use speed limits safely (Factsheet 33)

| Category: Driver safety , Factsheets | Audience: Motorists

This information is no longer available in factsheet format. However, you can view this and more information on speed in our safety section.

DL15 Application for issue of a limited licence

Published: | Category: Driver licensing , Forms | Audience: Motorists

Use this form if you are applying to be issued with a limited licence.

Spray and wind buffeting from heavy vehichles: a literature review

Published: | Category: Research & reports | Audience: Motorists

The splash, spray, and turbulence generated by heavy vehicles (HVs) are of considerable concern to other road users. Splash, spray, and the dirt they carry can result in a significant reduction in the visibility of other road users, while turbulence can result in sudden changes in the path of adjacent vehicles.