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Heavy vehicle selection guide

Published: | Category: Commercial drivers & operators , Guidance for specialists | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

This guide is designed to help you, as a heavy vehicle purchaser, choose the right vehicle to improve your business's efficiency, safety and - ultimately - profitability.

Heavy vehicle stability guide

Published: | Category: Commercial drivers & operators , Guidance for specialists | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

This guide provides information on heavy vehicle stability issues and suggests techniques for minimising the risks of rollover and loss-of-control crashes, therefore improving current crash trends.

R T W endorsements for special-type vehicles (Factsheet 40)

Published: | Category: Occupational driving , Factsheets | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

This factsheet advises when you need to have a rollers, tracks or wheels endorsement on your driver licence and provides information on how to get one. View this content in our driver licence section

Vehicle dimension and mass permitting manual

Published: | Category: Manuals | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

The Vehicle dimension and mass permitting manual (the VDAM manual) states the NZ Transport Agency’s policies, standards, processes and procedures for the permitting of vehicles exceeding standard dimension and mass limits. The manual is the authoritative body of knowledge for all heavy vehicle permitting and supersedes the Transport Agency’s Overweight Permit Manual and Draft HPMV Manual. The manual consists of two volumes:

Volume 1: Information for operating under a heavy vehicle permit

Volume 2: Process and procedure information for permitting staff

Wheel loss information sheet

Published: | Category: Leaflets & brochures | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

Wheels on heavy vehicles need to be properly fitted and maintained otherwise there is a high risk of wheel loss or wheel insecurity - which could lead to a serious crash. This information sheet outlines best practice for operators, mechanics, certifiers and vehicle inspectors.

Applying to become a heavy vehicle specialist inspector

| Category: Vehicle inspection & certification , Guidance for specialists | Audiences: Certifiers, Heavy vehicle operators, Vehicle inspectors & inspecting organisations

If you wish to become a heavy vehicle specialist certifier you will need to qualify and be appointed by the Transport Agency. The info pack outlines the different certification categories and the qualifications required for each one. It also explains about any further qualifications or courses that may be required, the examination process and the applicant interview process for some categories. The syllabus outlines required and recommended reading for each certification category. These documents can now be found on the NZ Transport Agency's vehicle inspection portal.

HMV categorisation of defects

Published: | Category: Technical memoranda | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

This guide covers a considerable number of faults and situations that are dealt with by police who hold a certificate to carry out level 3 and level 5 inspections, CVIU vehicle safety officers and NZ Transport Agency transport officers. They contain a set of national enforcement standards designed to ensure that heavy vehicle defects are dealt with uniformly throughout the country. These guides are also available to the transport industry as a reference guide.

Overdimension vehicle route maps 12 Wellington

Published: | Category: Overdimension vehicle route maps , State highway operations , Manuals | Audiences: Heavy vehicle operators, Road controlling authorities, Road traffic engineers & consultants

Part 12 of the guideline which identifies routes in current use by overdimension vehicles and loads. The routes have been identified by consultation with the road transport industry, and engineers and planners from territorial authorities.

Safety tips for cyclists and bus and truck drivers

Published: | Category: Cycles , Driver safety , Road user safety , Factsheets | Audiences: General, Heavy vehicle operators, Motorists, Walkers & cyclists

This leaflet provides practical advice on how people riding bikes or driving a truck or bus can safely share the road together.

Work time and logbooks – ferry variation

Published: | Category: Commercial drivers & operators , Guidance for specialists | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

Info card providing advice about the work time ferry exemption.