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Safety tips for cyclists and bus and truck drivers

Published: | Category: Cycles , Driver safety , Road user safety , Factsheets | Audiences: General, Heavy vehicle operators, Motorists, Walkers & cyclists

This leaflet provides practical advice on how people riding bikes or driving a truck or bus can safely share the road together.

Kea crossings: school crossing points (Factsheet 26)

| Category: Road user safety , Factsheets | Audience: Communities

This information is no longer available in factsheet format. Instead, you can read this information in our safety for children section.

Safety belts and airbags (Factsheet 30)

Published: | Category: Road user safety , Factsheets | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet explains why safety belts matter, responsibilities, fines, choosing a safety belt and maintenance. View information on safety belts and restraints in our safety section

View information on airbags in the section on choosing the right vehicle

Child restraints (Factsheet 7)

Published: | Category: Road user safety , Factsheets | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet is a general overview of what information parents and care givers need to know when children travel in a vehicle. This includes what the legal requirements are for restraining children in a vehicle, as well as what information you need to know when renting or purchasing (new and used) child restraints, and the fitting of child restraints into a vehicle. Important

The child restraint laws changed on 1 November 2013. The factsheet below has been updated to reflect those changes. You can also view information on child restraints in our safety section

Mirrors on state highways information and application form

Published: | Category: Road user safety , State highways , Factsheets , Forms | Audience: General

For getting approval to place a mirror alongside a state highway if you’re coming out of a driveway and need to see what’s coming from a certain direction. This leaflet should be read in conjunction with the NZ Transport Agency Traffic signs performance based specification.