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Chipsealing in New Zealand

Published: | Category: Pavement design , Manuals | Audiences: Road traffic engineers & consultants, Roading contractors

Chipsealing in New Zealand is a distillation of information from at least 80 years experience in New Zealand, compiled by chipsealing experts from throughout New Zealand. Many years of experience based on research and backed up by references have contributed to this book. In New Zealand extremes of climate and landscape impose many constraints on road surface performance and present challenges to be overcome. Chipsealing techniques differ from the north to the south of New Zealand and there is therefore no 'correct' or only way for a chipsealing operation to be carried out. Experience and research are presented in this book so the reader can make their own informed decisions when using chipsealing technology. This book is intended for those studying road engineering at polytechnic or university level and for those already in the chipsealing industry who want to broaden their knowledge, or those from another line of engineering to...

State highway geometric design manual (draft)

Published: | Category: Geometric design , Manuals | Audience: Road traffic engineers & consultants

This manual has been developed to capture the best practice geometric design standards and guidelines from a number of disparate documents. NOTE: Sections of this draft manual are likely to be revised from time to time to incorporate important corrections and/or amendments – the revision date for each section is shown in the listing below.

Code of conduct – the way we work here

Published: | Category: Administration , Manuals | Audience: General

The NZ Transport Agency’s Code of conduct defines what the Transport Agency expects of its operations and people. It applies to all Transport Agency employees regardless of position, location, or level of responsibility, and includes our contractors and our board members.

HNO environmental and social responsibility manual

Published: | Category: Environment & resource planning , Manuals | Audiences: General, Local & regional government, Road traffic engineers & consultants, Roading contractors

In order to ensure value for money and consistent impact mitigation across the national network, the Environment and Urban Design Team works closely with project managers to collect best practices, identify relevant international trends, develop New Zealand specific standards and guidelines, disseminate information and continuously improved service delivery. The HNO environmental and social responsibility manual is a collection of standards, guidelines, tools and references applicable to all capital works and maintenance operations.

State highway asset management manual

Published: | Category: Asset management , Manuals | Audience: Road traffic engineers & consultants

An outline of best practice procedures to be followed in providing state highway asset management services. Chapter 1 covers pavement management practices, including both day to day and long term asset management control and planning, which are particularly relevant to the development of annual plans and forward work maintenance programmes. Chapter 2 covers the principles and practices that should be employed in managing safety programmes.

State highway safe network management activity manual

Published: | Category: Manuals , Safety management systems | Audiences: Road controlling authorities, Road traffic engineers & consultants, Roading contractors

The manual is an umbrella document that references the Network Outcomes Contract, the Transport Agency's safety team deliverables and references policies, standards, guidelines, specifications and standard documents that the user can refer to and the benefits of undertaking those activities.