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TTM Conference publications 2015 (Taupo)

TTM Conference publications 2015 (Taupō)

1 Conference opening address(external link) Dr Fergus Tate, NZ Transport Agency
2 Keynote: Understanding road users(external link) Dr Samuel Charlton
3a Temporary Road Safety Barrier Systems(external link) Julian Chisnall, NZ Transport Agency
3b Tubular Delineators(external link) Stuart Fraser, NZ Transport Agency
3c Evolution of Hi-Visibility Garments(external link) Alan Parker, ALANRO Consultants
3d What’s New in TTM - Rumble Strips(external link) Anandita Pujara, NZ Transport Agency
4 Keynote: Safe System and Temporary Traffic Management(external link) Colin Brodie, NZ Transport Agency
5a Auckland Site Condition Reviews(external link) Tom Kiddle, Auckland Transport and Bruce Claypole, Auckland Transport
5b Auckland Site Condition Reviews – new form(external link) Tom Kiddle, Auckland Transport and Bruce Claypole, Auckland Transport
6 How is TTM Changing(external link) Darren Wu, Senior Transportation Engineer at Beca Ltd
7a Raising the Bar on Events(external link) Ivan Aplin, Cycling New Zealand

7b Managing Cyclists through Worksites(external link)

Simon Hodges, TMC with Christchurch Transport Operations Centre
8 Keynote: What are the Risks?(external link) Troy Stahlhut, Evolution Traffic Control, Australia
9 Discussion document for Level 2 low speed(external link) Stuart Fraser, Tom Kiddle, Neil Greaves and Tony Stella
10a The case for online training(external link) Marius van der Merwe & Dave Tilton
10b Raising the bar in CoPTTM Training(external link) Tony Stella & Neil Greaves
10c An App for your On-site Record(external link) Peter Graham, Traffic Management & Control Ltd
10c2 OCR App(external link) Peter Graham, Traffic Management & Control Ltd
11 Keynote: Journey Management & Network Outcome Contracts(external link) Adam Nicholl, NZ Transport Agency