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Commercial road transport toolkit for drivers and operators

This toolkit's 'infocards' contain important information for commercial road transport drivers and operators. The cards can be printed and used in the workplace. New infocards will be added as they are developed.


Transport organisation register online

What is TORO?

TORO (transport organisation register online) enables transport service licence (TSL) holders to:

  • check only licensed drivers are driving their company vehicles
  • monitor their drivers' licence status and activity.

Before this information is accessed, TORO users must get the written consent of their drivers.

How do I join TORO?

TORO services are free of charge.

More information on TORO can be found here .

A TORO pack can be sent to any TSL holder wishing to join TORO. Send your email and postal address details to

How is TORO different from driver check?

TORO provides a higher level of information than driver check. Information about driver licence restrictions, passenger endorsement expiry and demerit points are not provided to driver check users.

If I am already with driver check, can I switch to TORO?

TSL holders can transfer to TORO. Send your email and postal address details to noting that you are a current driver check user and wish to transfer to TORO.

Note: Transferring users must obtain a new consent form for every driver they want to add to their TORO operator list - even if they've previously obtained the driver's consent for driver check.

What information does TORO provide?

  • The licence classes and endorsements that a driver holds.
  • The status of a driver licence (eg whether a driver is suspended or disqualified from driving, or whether their licence has expired or been revoked).
  • Details of any conditions on a driver licence (including those related to medical conditions that may affect their ability to drive).
  • If a driver's passenger endorsement is about to expire soon.
  • If a warning letter has been issued because a driver has accumulated more than 50 demerit points.
  • If a suspension letter has been issued because a driver has accumulated more than 100 demerit points.

Do I have to sign up with TORO?

There is no legal requirement for you to give consent to your employer to access your information via TORO. If you do not wish to provide your consent, please talk to your employer about any alternatives.

What happens to my consent form?

Your employer must give you a copy of the signed consent form, and hold the original on your personnel file. They must keep the consent form on your file for six months after you leave their employment. From time to time, Land Transport NZ will audit TSL holders and, as part of that audit, will ask to see their TORO consent forms.

What is the law that enables you to release information via TORO?

Sections 199(4) and 199(6) of the Land Transport Act 1998(external link) specify that we can release certain information from the Driver Licensing Register to people other than the licence holder. In addition, some of the information not covered by the Land Transport Act 1998 can be released under the Privacy Act 1993, if you consent to the release.

This information is provided as a general guide only, and does not cover everything in the law. It is not the source of the law.

Page created: 12 August 2008