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Hi-Lab design, production and construction

Published: | Category: Construction , Pavement & surfacing , Specifications | Audiences: Road controlling authorities, Roading contractors

The NZTA B10 Specification for Hi-Lab design, production and construction (version 1) and Notes (version 1) has been developed and published. The specification covers the manufacture of the Hi-Lab materials, and construction of Hi-Lab structural pavements.

Hi-Lab is used for heavy duty pavements. The pavement structure consists of a very densely packed and interlocked, mainly single sized large aggregate skeleton, combined with a low cement and fines void filler. Hi-Lab can be used for new construction or rehabilitation overlays.

The areas covered by the specification include:

  • materials
  • plant and equipment for materials production and placement
  • placement of aggregate and spreading of cement
  • the mixing process, compaction and finishing.

NZTA B10 is a new specification and provides an alternative to deep lift asphalt for heavy duty pavements.

Publication details

  • Author:
  • Published: July 2023
  • Reference: NZTA B10
  • Version: 1
  • Contact:
  • Conditions: This specification is mandatory for state highways and recommended for local roads
  • Also known as: B10