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Intelligent transport systems (ITS) standards and specifications

| Category: Specifications | Audience: Road traffic engineers & consultants

Our intelligent transport system (ITS) standards and specifications (S&S) define the requirements for the design, delivery and integration of ITS equipment and systems on our national transport network. This includes vehicle detection systems, lane control signals, ramp signals, variable message signs, CCTV cameras, incident detection, emergency telephones, cables and ducting.

These documents ensure that the right equipment and systems are procured, installed and configured correctly and that requirements for safety, security, maintenance and operational life are met.

ITS specifications can be inserted into Waka Kotahi procurement contracts as a document or a document link. This provides a contractual record of the ITS equipment and systems purchased and the requirements signed and agreed with between Waka Kotahi and the vendor.

The ITS S&S documents are mostly interim or a legacy hybrid of both design standards and delivery specifications. They remain in place while updated and new documents are developed under our ITS S&S framework. The framework provides repeatable processes and capabilities to support the creation and ongoing maintenance of the ITS S&S documentation.

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