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Location referencing management system (LRMS) manual (SM051)

NZ Transport Agency uses a linear referencing system for its state highway network. The LRMS manual: SM051 provides a one-stop shop for location referencing, includes management processes to provide quality assurance and cross-references the relevant proforma and maintenance specifications.

Download manual section

Title Date Download
Manual introduction Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 78 KB] 
Table of contents Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 27 KB] 
Part A: What is location referencing Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 97 KB] 
Part B: Location referencing method Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 3.5 MB] 
Part C: Location referencing procedures Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 165 KB] 
Part D: LRSM software application Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 75 KB] 
Part E: Asset identification signage Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 397 KB]
Appendix A: Network update form and instructions Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 4.1 MB] 
Appendix B: Reference station locality diagram Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 1 MB]
Appendix C: Route position nomenclature Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 147 KB] 
Appendix D: Actual cases of layout and placement of LR signs Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 2.4 MB]
Appendix E: Location reference sign schedule example Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 33 KB]
Appendix F: Log of electronic tripmeter calibration Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 37 KB]
Appendix G: Spatial data specification Jul 2004 PDF [PDF, 19 KB]
Appendix A2: Network update form Jul 2004 DOC [DOC, 184 KB] 
Appendix B2: Reference station locality diagram form Jul 2004 DOC [DOC, 44 KB]