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Long-life road marking materials

Published: | Category: Materials , Road marking , Specifications | Audiences: Road traffic engineers & consultants, Roading contractors

This specification and guidance notes set out requirements for marking materials which have a long service life and which are typically applied at thicknesses of about 0.9 mm or more.

The specification is applicable to these markings when applied over bituminous or concrete road surfaces. The list of approved long-life pavement marking materials include thermoplastic and cold applied plastic materials.

The P22 Reflectorised pavement marking and P30 High performance marking specifications require that the marking materials used in road marking must be on the current list of approved products.

The long-life materials listed in these notes have provisional approval for use on state highways.

Publication details

  • Author:
  • Published: 2003
  • Reference: TNZ M/20
  • Conditions: Use is mandatory in method based contracts on state highways and recommended on other road controlling authority roads.
  • Also known as: M20