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Low volume vehicle certification review (phase 1)

Published: | Category: Research & reports | Audience: Motorists

The Low Volume Vehicle (LVV) certification system for scratch-built or modified vehicles is being reviewed to ensure it is still fit for purpose, and to look for ways it could be improved.

As a starting point, we commissioned Standards New Zealand to undertake an independent survey with a wide range of users of the LVV system, to understand their perspectives on which elements of the current system are working well, and those that are not working so well. This report outlines the findings of this consultation. There are also some Q&As that provide further information.

We are analysing the findings, along with other relevant information available to us (such as customer feedback, and correspondence such as Official Information Act requests) to form a picture of potential changes we can make to the system.

Short-term changes already identified include raising awareness of and making improvements to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) process and its governance. The TAC process is for those using innovative new approaches or materials and for specialist enquiries.

The Transport Agency will also look to improve the clarity of guidelines used by LVV certifiers.

As decisions are made about further changes, we will update the information on this website.

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