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Macrotexture requirements for surfacings

Published: | Category: Skid resistance & surface texture , Technical memoranda | Audiences: Road traffic engineers & consultants, Roading contractors

This memo advises macrotexture requirements for low speed areas and supersedes the two earlier asset management memos. It is to be read in conjunction with T/10 Skid resistance investigation and treatment selection (with notes), and the exception report instructions (for skid resistance). It applies to maintenance of existing surfacings, resurfacing or new construction.

Publication details

  • Author:
  • Published: 22 December 2005
  • Reference: TM5001 TM5002 TM5003
  • Version: TNZ TM 5001 v1 TNZ TM 5002 v1 TNZ TM 5003 v1
  • Also known as: TM5001 TM5002 TM5003